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What is the scope of laser cutting machine quotation?

by:VENTECH     2021-12-16

How much is the price of laser cutting machines? Actually, there is not much reference for the prices of industrial machinery in different regions. As far as the current network is developed, we can know the prices of laser cutting machines in different regions at any time. Moreover, the price of laser cutting machine is not only affected by region, but also the quality and performance of laser cutting machine. For example, two laser cutting machine manufacturers, one sells high-standard, high-quality laser cutting machines, and the other One is a OEM laser cutting machine with rechargeable numbers. The performance and quality are very different, not to mention the price.

Currently, the market quotations of laser cutting machines are divided into three categories. One is international imported brands, such as TRUMPF. They have joined the laser cutting machine market as early as possible, and have won users’ favor with their reliable quality and performance. Trust, a high-end brand that occupies most of the market, their prices are the highest in the industry, roughly above one million. Although the quality is good, the delivery time is not short. Another problem is that most imported laser cutting machine brands do not have branches in China, so if you need to replace parts, they must be imported from abroad.

The second category is domestic and reliable laser cutting machine brands, such as Hongte. In terms of quality, the Hongte brand is not inferior to imported brands. The price is roughly hundreds of thousands, depending on the user's choice. Performance specifications. Hongte laser cutting machine is very cost-effective, but it has not been established for a long time, and many users still don't trust this brand. Actually, Hongte has sold our equipment like many industries and has received a good response.

Many in the third category are OEM manufacturers who come to talk about it. They buy laser cutting machines that do not meet the requirements at low prices and sell them to unfamiliar users, but their prices are not necessarily Low, many manufacturers have done a good job of publicity, just to sell their own equipment at a high price.

Summary: The price of the laser cutting machine is only one of the reference factors in the selection process. The selection should still be compared with the laser cutting machine manufacturers from various angles. If possible, you can also visit the site.

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