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What is the price of laser pipe cutting machine? Advantages of automatic laser pipe cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-25

At present, metal pipes are one of the most used materials, and the automatic laser pipe cutting machine can ensure the mass production of metal pipes with high quality. Therefore, in the field of metal pipe processing, more and more manufacturers choose metal laser pipe cutting machines. So what is the approximate price of a laser pipe cutting machine? If you want to know the price of the laser pipe cutting machine, you can consider from the following aspects: 1. Directly ask the price of the laser pipe cutting machine, the possible answer is ranging from hundreds of thousands to several million, so for those who really want to buy equipment For manufacturers, there is no reference value at all. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to the way of asking when making an inquiry. 2. Clarify your own production needs and clarify your own materials. Only in this way can you get an accurate price. In addition to the price, buying a machine also needs to know more factors, such as configuration, brand, pre-sales and after-sales service. You can't buy it flat in the hope that the price is cheap.

What are the advantages of the automatic laser pipe cutting machine?

With the rapid growth of my country's stainless steel pipe production and consumption, laser automatic pipe cutting machine equipment is rapidly popularizing in my country. So what are the advantages of the automatic laser pipe cutting machine? Advantage 1: The automatic laser pipe cutting machine can automatically load and feed materials, intelligently identify and cut the material head, material tail, tailings ≤40mm, automatic removal of internal slag, etc., labor saving, low consumables, strong pertinence, one person Multiple machines can be operated. Advantage 2: Fully automatic laser pipe cutting machine can cut pipes, which can replace mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, punching or cleaning of burrs and other processing procedures that require different equipment and hard tools to achieve cutting, cutting, and inverting of complex pipe structures. Corners, notches or holes, notches, and other possible size and shape feature processing, etc. Advantage 3 , Processing factories, sanitary ware factories, furniture factories, hardware fittings factories, auto parts factories, etc. are widely used.

At present, the domestic laser tube cutting technology is very mature, and it is becoming more and more popular in the domestic market. For example, Wuhan Hongte laser tube cutting machine equipment has already occupied a place in the domestic market. It is inseparable from the obvious advantages of the equipment itself.

Wuhan Hongte metal pipe laser cutting machine has a transparent price, a clear quotation, no additional costs, a long service life of the machine, a wide range of applications, and a perfect after-sales service.

For more details about the automatic tube fiber laser tube cutting machine, please see: http://www.6618cnc.com/product-7.html

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