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What is the price of a regular fiber laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2021-12-18

I found that friends often leave messages on our official website, or someone pays attention to our Hongte WeChat public account, and asks our customer service staff, how about the xxx brand fiber laser cutting machine? Is it good? Is it worth buying? Fiber laser What is the price of the cutting machine and a series of questions, and then I will do a simple analysis on this issue, but one point is clear, that is, the fiber laser cutting machine of the small workshop is really not recommended to buy.

Why is the fiber laser cutting machine of the small workshop unreliable? This is really not because I belittle some brands, nor is it because someone gave me money and deliberately pushed up some brands. I probably guessed it, usually if there are relatives and friends in the field of fiber laser cutting machines, or the salespersons of small brands are fooling around. Since these branded products are unreliable and the price is high, how can they let you buy their fiber laser cutting machine? It is nothing more than an exaggeration and a hype. In fact, this is an ordinary fiber laser cutting machine. The normal market price is about 200,000 yuan. They just sold it at a premium of 3 to 4 times. Some people think it is good. There are also some small brands. Many people think that small brands are cost-effective, because small brands are not like big brands and spend a lot of money on advertising. Everyone thinks that the wool is on the sheep, and consumers will pay for it in the end. In fact, it is not. Most small brands are not only inferior in quality, but also at a higher price than the big brands.

The main reasons for the chaos in this industry are:

1. The sales volume of small brands is low.

2. Small brands have high manufacturing costs because of their high raw material procurement costs.

3. Small brands have poor automated production and high personnel costs.

4. Small brands have poor quality control, and unqualified products are unwilling to dispose of them.

What is the price of a regular fiber laser cutting machine? For example, Hongte general fiber laser cutting machine, the cheap price is about 200,000 yuan, of course some are more expensive, but it is not too outrageous. The specific configuration is different. , Lasers and other raw material providers are different, and the prices are different. You can't buy 100,000 or tens of thousands, too cheap, and you can't buy too expensive, too bad. In addition to factors such as brand and laser brand, the price of fiber laser cutting machine is mainly based on the format and overall configuration. The first two years are mainly based on 3015, and then 4020, 6020, etc. Now, the 8025 will be developed vigorously. In the mainstream direction, in short, the larger the laser power and the larger the format, the more expensive it is. The price is basically 200,000 to several million, with a relatively large span. If you want to buy medium power equipment (referring to 3000W-6000W) and want to be cost-effective, choose our Hongte products 3015D, 3015C, etc. The basic price is also Acceptable range. Of course, if you want more expensive ones, you can choose other brands. Similarly, don’t buy the ones that are too cheap, but the fiber laser cutting machine will not be too cheap, because the cost is there. Don’t choose the ones that are too expensive. After all, buy fiber laser cutting. The machine is not like buying luxury goods. It is not like taking it out all the day and putting it in the workshop. It is easy to use.

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