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What is HVAC Engineering

What is HVAC Engineering


What is HVAC Engineering

Concept of HVAC Engineering:

The full name of HVAC in the subject classification is heating, gas, ventilation and air conditioning engineering, which includes three aspects: heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and is functionally an integral part of a building. It is also an indispensable part of the future home. The HVAC project includes: heating, ventilation, air conditioning these three aspects, the abbreviation HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning), these three aspects of the abbreviation HVAC. And its concept is: HVAC engineering work is mainly construction projects in heating and air conditioning, ventilation projects. Specifically, it includes heating, ventilation, exhaust, make-up air, smoke exhaust, air conditioning, cooling and other types of work. HVAC in the subject classification of the full name of heating, gas, ventilation and air conditioning engineering, including: heating, ventilation, air conditioning these three aspects, functionally speaking, is an integral part of the building. It is also an essential part of the future home. Brief description of each part is as follows:

1, heating, also known as heating, according to the need to supply load to the building to ensure that the indoor temperature according to people's requirements continue to be higher than the outside environment. Usually with radiators, etc.

2, Ventilation, the process of sending in, or discharging air from a room. The use of outdoor air (called fresh air or fresh air) to replace the air inside the building (called indoor air), usually divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation.

3, air conditioning, referred to as air conditioning is used to regulate the temperature, humidity, cleanliness and air flow rate in the room or space, and provide a sufficient amount of fresh air in the building environment control system.

HVAC engineering to the benefits of the people:

Scientific heating, comfortable to home. Ground surface temperature distribution is uniform, decreasing from the bottom up, the heat is concentrated in the human body to benefit from the range (2m) within the lower hot cool, to meet the feet warm head cool comfort, to achieve the ideal heating concept of human physiological needs. Floor heating (radiant floor heating) is the most comfortable way of heating. There is no uneven heating and cooling in the room. It does not cause air convection, generating dust, indoor very clean, no pollution. It saves indoor space and increases indoor use area by 2%-3%. Floor heating pipes are buried under the floor, without the need for indoor installation of radiators, heating covers and connecting pipelines, not only does not take up the use of area, but also can make the room separation and furniture furnishing flexibility, but also to save the cost of decoration of the heating cover. Energy saving 20%-30%. Floor heating radiation heating efficiency than radiators (radiators) convection heating efficiency is 20%-30% higher than the same comfortable conditions under the floor heating design temperature can be reduced by 2-3 degrees Celsius, so greatly save energy. Radiator in the standard supply and return water temperature of 95-70 , can reach the room temperature of 18 , while the use of floor heating, then the water temperature of 60 , you can make the room temperature of 20 or more. Energy-saving technology. General floor heating supply and return water temperature control at 35-55 can be. Design 16 parameter use, can achieve 20 heating effect.

The above article is an introduction to the HVAC project, as well as what is the HVAC project, the concept of HVAC project and technical characteristics.

by Carol

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