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What is a 3D laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-27

What is a 3D laser cutting machine? The 3D fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced equipment composed of a dedicated fiber laser cutting head, a high-precision capacitance tracking system, a fiber laser and an industrial robot system. It can perform multi-angle and multi-directional flexible cutting of metal plates of different thicknesses. 3D robotic laser cutting machines are widely used in metal processing, machinery manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing and other production requiring three-dimensional workpiece processing.

What is a 3D laser cutting machine?

The three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine uses industrial robots for flexible and fast motion performance. According to the user's cutting size and different sizes, you can choose a robot suit or flip into different products Unlike different teaching path programming or offline programming, a six-axis-loaded fiber laser cutting head of the robot cuts three-dimensional irregular workpieces; the fiber laser cutting head is provided with a following device and an optical transmission device. The laser is transmitted to the cutting head through an optical fiber, and is focused by a focusing system. Develop multiple focusing systems that can cut three-dimensional metal plates of various thicknesses in multiple directions to meet customer needs.

3D laser cutting machines are widely used in aerospace, automobiles, ships, machinery manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, advertising products , Household appliances, medical equipment, metal decoration, fitness equipment, metal processing services, such as a variety of manufacturing industries, especially the unparalleled advantages of auto parts processing and other cutting machines, such as body design and manufacturing, reducing mold development Investment risk, mainly used for the development of new models. On the automobile production line, cutting deformed prototype parts, cutting holes for body panels, trimming, cutting steering wheel holes, body windshield panels, car cover bracket holes, airbag parts, hydroforming Pieces etc.

Three-dimensional laser cutting can realize dynamic two-dimensional and three-dimensional cutting. The machine structure is designed according to ergonomics. Even the most complex surface treatment can be done with simple operations. High precision, which can meet the manufacturing precision of aluminum alloy EMUs, stainless steel subways and other products. It has high economic efficiency and can replace the traditional trimming die and punching die manufacturing process. Its process steps are simple, the manufacturing cycle is short, the cutting speed is fast, the slit width is small, and the processing quality is high. It can greatly reduce costs and shorten the cost of new models. The development cycle has good economic value and application prospects.

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