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What effect does the auxiliary gas have on the cutting process during laser cutting?

by:VENTECH     2022-03-02

In the current metal processing industry, the most common steel is carbon steel, and the fiber laser cutting machine has become one of the most suitable equipment for carbon steel cutting due to its high processing efficiency, high precision, and no deformation and no burrs after processing. one. To achieve a precise cutting process, you need to slowly adjust the cutting parameters. Let's briefly describe the influence of the auxiliary gas on the cutting process during laser cutting.

There are generally three common auxiliary gases, air, nitrogen and oxygen.

1. Use air cutting

The advantages of using air cutting are obvious, and there is no cost. When using air, you only need to consider the electricity cost of the air compressor and the equipment itself, eliminating the high cost of auxiliary gas. The cutting efficiency on thin plates is comparable to nitrogen cutting, and it is a cost-effective cutting method. But air cutting also has obvious shortcomings in the cross section. First of all, the cutting surface will produce burrs, which require secondary processing and cleaning, which is not conducive to the entire product production cycle. Secondly, the cutting surface will turn black, which will affect the quality of the product. Laser processing itself has the advantages of efficiency and quality accuracy, while the disadvantages of air cutting have caused many customers to abandon this cutting method.

2. Cutting with oxygen

Oxygen cutting is a common and traditional cutting method. The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine using oxygen is mainly reflected in the cost of gas. In sheet metal processing based on carbon steel, there is no need to frequently replace auxiliary gas, which improves the cutting efficiency and facilitates management. But the disadvantage is that after oxygen cutting, there will be an oxide film on the surface of the cut surface. If the product with oxide film is directly welded, the oxide film will naturally peel off after a long time, and the welding will affect the welding quality.

3. Cutting with nitrogen

Use nitrogen for cutting. When oxygen is used as an auxiliary gas, an oxide film will be formed on the cut surface. The use of nitrogen can prevent the appearance of oxide film and form non-oxidative cutting. The surface of non-oxidized cutting is generally white, which can be processed directly by welding, spraying, etc., and its strong corrosion resistance also makes it a very wide range of applications.

One of the functions of the auxiliary gas is to blow away the residual waste slag to achieve a better cutting effect. The second is to use gas to chase away the metal slag while protecting the lens to avoid the slag sticking to the lens and affecting the cutting quality.

For example, when a 4000W laser is used to cut 1mm carbon steel with the aid of nitrogen, the speed can reach 35m/min, but there will be a little dross on the cutting surface. When using oxygen to cut 1mm carbon steel, the speed is only 10m/min, and the cutting surface is smooth and free of burrs. In fact, when cutting carbon steel within 3mm, air or nitrogen can be used to cut quickly. The speed is significantly faster than oxygen, and the disadvantage is only a little slag on the cut surface.

Briefly describe the effect of auxiliary gas on the cutting process during laser cutting

In this case, it is necessary to actually investigate the process that this batch of materials needs to achieve. If the material does not require high quality of the cut surface, you can use air for cutting. Not only saves the cost of auxiliary gas, but also greatly improves the cutting speed. If the cutting surface accuracy is very high, oxygen must be used as an auxiliary gas.

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