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What are the main applications for stainless steel ventilation ducts?

What are the main applications for stainless steel ventilation ducts?


What are the main applications for stainless steel ventilation ducts?


When it comes to air supply system and smoke exhaust system, the figure of stainless steel ventilation duct is indispensable. When using positive pressure air supply fan and fire exhaust fan, the duct is needed to play a temporary retention role for these winds, and then the wind will be successfully discharged or introduced to the position where it should be.


Stainless steel ventilation duct is mainly used in which areas

(1) exhaust system, including air supply, exhaust ducts and other ventilation systems, a wide range, such as the production line of the processing plant, the production and processing site of the gas due to harmful substances need to be discharged to the outdoors, and the outdoor gas needs to be transported to the indoor. At this time, it is necessary to use a large flow rate, low pressure gas conveying pipeline, can be used spiral ventilation pipe. Generally use galvanized steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe is easy to corrode, especially in humid places to use stainless steel pipe.

(2) Air conditioning delivery. Widely used is air conditioning piping, which requires the addition of insulating materials. Spiral ventilation pipes can be pasted with insulating raw materials on the inside, and the surface looks unique.

(3) Kitchen smoke exhaust. Restaurants, hotels and restaurants, and the kitchens and restaurants of hotels and restaurants have a lot of kitchen fumes that need to be discharged. The annular ventilation duct is the greasy smoke duct. Here, spiral ventilation duct should be called kitchen smoke exhaust duct.

(4) Ash removal. There are many dust and ash removal devices in the production lines of some processing plants, in which spiral ventilation ducts can be used for ducts with very large air volume.

(5) Transportation of bulk food materials. In the production process of some processing plants, loose fine particles need to be transported, especially those particles that are not large in size, such as styrofoam pellets, using spiral ventilation ducts. The project budget is small and the actual effect is very good.


Stainless steel spiral air duct installation FAQ

1. Stainless steel ventilation duct bracket root do anti-corrosion treatment.

2. in the fire safety smoke exhaust duct system software, airports and air valves need to use other materials, Chinese citizens smoke exhaust duct and hot dip galvanized ventilation pipe thin thickness pressure system software is not good to use the national standard GB50243. there should be some maintenance countermeasures when the fire safety fire exhaust fan equipment is on the roof.

3. Exposed teardrop type should be bent when raw materials such as electrical conduit and threading pipe required for power plugs are fused with metal bellows or capelli and duck neck mechanical equipment. Fire safety of fire facilities and mechanical equipment lines need to be fixed with special clips to better prevent falling.

4. Stainless steel spiral duct, ventilation and cooling equipment selection of soft butt of the three spun fireproof material, advocated in the 15-30 cm, the length and electrical cross should be over. The length of all anchor bolts should be consistent. Three roles should be used for grounding, ventilation and cooling equipment, mechanical equipment in the middle of the dynamic load, the equipment should be based on the seismic measures of weaponry.

5. Ventilation pipe orientation, diameter change, fork or sinking, etc. need to be transformed, but if necessary, the application of cyclone diffuser box and static pressure box, box section wind shall not exceed 1.5m/s; hose pipe middle 5-10 times the diameter of the pipe for smart, telescopic metal material pipe or non-metallic material soft connection length should not exceed two meters. In the whole process of equipment, pipe bends and nozzles length of more than 20 meters, plus exhaust fans and interactive support frame in the anti-hazardous building release room.

6. The distance between the fire safety valves on both sides of the evacuation exit partition wall and the wall should not be more than 20cm, and should be 2~3mm thick steel plate, and the pipeline and the wall are metal materials.

7. Fire dampers are used to fasten the software of air supply system. Generally, 70 degree fire dampers are used, and the fire dampers of exhaust ducts are 280 degrees. The height-to-width ratio of the inlet and outlet of the smoke and light air system software should be not less than 3m when they are vertical, and the horizontal spacing should be not less than 10m when they are installed horizontally.

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