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by:VENTECH     2020-03-06
According to their pre-billing notice for the show, several manufacturers have introduced new technologies in the field of welding and welding.
On these new, more complex systems, accurate computer process control to ensure welding accuracy is a trend.
A new type of friction welding motion
Vinton Inc. has introduced a welding process that uses an EMC drive to generate heat between thermoplastic parts, Henrietta, N. Y.
According to a Vinton spokesperson, the process is known as the OmniWeld system, using a fixed plastic component that matches another component installed on a mechanical electro-magnetic track drive.
The microprocessor controls the monitoring of the welding time, pressure, speed, height and distance of the part being welded and provides statistical process control output.
The system creates thermal friction by rubbing two parts together in controlled constant friction
Speed circular motion, lifting the plastic part to its melting point.
The electrically driven welding joint drives the moving pressure plate on the fixed part.
After enough material is melted, the motion is programmed to stop automatically, allowing the melted plastic to solidify and form a permanent bond.
The maximum size is the initial OmniWeld unit, called the resume of yunton,
It\'s 10x10 in.
The spokesman pointed out that the OmniWeld system is a technology different from rotary welding or linear vibration welding.
He said a uniform speed was established on the entire surface of the platform, adding that the unsupported flexible walls can be easily connected together because no wall is perpendicular to the \"omni-
Direction of welding movement.
Basic price of resume12 is $30,000.
Options include a fusion sensing system and a SPC data receiver.
Vinton is currently working on a larger machine that also uses OmniWeld technology. The CV-
The opening between the tablets is 16 in. , with a 16-in.
Table travel distance.
There is a maximum value for this unit.
Clamping force of 1500 lbs.
Focused infrared welding Branson ultrasonic company has introduced a new non-contact fusion welding technology that uses focused infrared thermal technology to weld thermoplastic, composite and TP elastic componentsDanbury, Connecticut.
Branson officials say the new welding process uses the reciprocating focusing infrared heat reflected by a single quartz lamp.
The lamp can be customized with a length of up to 10 ft and can reach a melting temperature of up to 1500 F.
Two separate plastic pieces can be fixed above and below the heat source.
The focused infrared radiation beam scans the plastic substrate to raise the material temperature and produce melting without touching the heat source.
After the cycle is completed, clamp the two parts together.
The melting temperature of the two fixed parts can be controlled separately, which makes the thin-and thick-
Wall assembly and provide correct melting temperature for different plastic parts.
The temperature and strength of the focused beam can be accurately monitored and adjusted during the welding cycle, providing flexibility for welding a variety of thermoplastic and composite materials.
The basic operation of the welding system can be automated or modified into an existing fusion system.
The basic price of the unit is about $25,000.
Branson says it plans to launch different products.
Size models for the next few months.
| Guarantee the quality control of Herrmann ultrasonic company
I\'m sick, Schaumburg.
, Introduced three new models in its modular dialog ultrasonic welding wiring.
Herrmann \"guarantees\" the process and quality control of its PS, HS and ultrasonic models, which were recently launched in North America, a company executive said, scan and control computer technology through its proprietary \"millisecond.
Controlled by a microprocessor, the part and process reference model is first established in the dialog 2002 computer module, which is used by all three units.
Then, the computer automatically scans the welding operation of the part, and makes 1000 reference measurements per second, constantly checking the power distribution and connection speed inside.
Process work according to the established reference model.
The dialog computer can determine whether there is any change in the welding curve and automatically signal the fault information, rejecting parts that deviate from the established specifications.
Through 1000 measurements per second, the system continuously monitors the entire welding cycle to ensure the consistency of parts quality and process, rather than just tracking the peak power of the welding curve, according to the company, so as to ensure consistent results.
To ensure consistency, another technical feature on the conversation unit is fully automated, \"lock-in-
Computer numerical control of each parameter in \"welding operation.
The computer module of the dialog unit also includes the \"visual optimization\" function, which can automatically identify changes or discrepancies in the material being welded.
This feature reportedly allows the welding process to maintain a consistent curve and maximum power distribution by compensating for any mass deviation in plastic welding due to excessive grinding content, impurities or moisture.
The basic price of the new dialogue ultrasonic welder ranges from $18,000 to $30,000.
Options include modular rotary indexers and pickupsand-place part-
Remove the system, and quickly-
Tooling change system
The ultrasonic Div introduces a new computer network controller that allows a single workstation operator to communicate and monitor eight separate welding systems. of Dukane Corp. , St. Charles, Ill.
The device, known as the Dukane multi-selector, allows programmers to access the process and setup data of up to eight Dukane ultrasonic welding equipment.
The multiplexing box can be integrated into the customer\'s existing computer control system.
A spokesman for Dukane said that the mux organizes data for simultaneous multi-head systems on one screen, allowing operators to use a computer monitor to help simplify welding modifications.
The mux allows the operator to treat the multi-head system as a machine and control various welders individually or in series, he said.
The multiplexing also integrates the SPC software package.
The price of the multi-converter is between $995 and $1595, determined by the number of serial ports selected by the user (
From 2 to 8, move up in multiples of 2).
A fully automatic system for hot docking
The welded four-corner PVC window frame Technoplast also shows international, Corrales, N. M. (
Representative of Austria). The S-
Tech 400 has a 2-
The Min cycle, which is said to be accurate to 4 miles, can weld two frames at the same time.
Microprocessor control for welding
Plate position and temperature include servo positioning, keyboard with clear design and 100-line memory.
The system costs about $100,000.
Photo: The Cinema cast system welds all four corners of one or two PVC window frames at the same time under microprocessor control.
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