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Welding and process application of laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-26

In the actual development process of laser cutting machines, there are already more applications. With the gradual deepening of the concept of lightweight energy-saving and environmentally friendly vehicles, its development in Shanghai is also facing multiple pressures. However, the automotive industry will use laser cutting machines when actually performing relevant updates or strengthening some materials. Then, such a technology can also be more prominent in the entire automotive laser cutting industry. They have different Welding characteristics.

Laser cutting machine welding technology

The laser cutting machine also uses some aluminum alloys for effective welding, and the technical requirements are very high, because the surface of the laser The degree of reflection is relatively large and the thermal conductivity of aluminum is relatively high. Therefore, more power will be applied to the oxide layer in the actual use process. In this way, the welding speed is required to be relatively fast, and the laser spot is relatively small. To prevent the viscosity from affecting the final weld, it has a smaller welding pattern, which can increase the energy absorption of the laser, ensure that the weld surface of the original laser workpiece is dry, and can remove more debris, and in this way, it can also increase A kind of gas protection to avoid the pores of the welding seam from producing some other things.

Laser cutting machine welding is even more powerful

If the technology of laser cutting and welding is selected in the automotive industry, it will definitely be more powerful, and more can be changed by filling the welding wire The solute composition can effectively avoid cracks in the welding process, and can also improve the quality of the welded joints, so that the welding process can meet the market demand.

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