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Three advantages of super high power fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-14

The rise of high-power laser cutting machines has strongly promoted the development of my country's industry, aerospace, and medical equipment industries. With the rapid development of the laser cutting machine market, how to choose a cutting machine has become a problem faced by the industry.

At present, the production of high-power fiber laser cutting machines has low operating costs, easy maintenance of the optical path, ergonomic design, and high-power equipment is an inevitable trend in the development of laser cutting technology.

Three advantages of high-power fiber laser cutting machine:

1. Signal transmission exists in the form of electric light, light-emitting part and light-receiving part Without contact, possible feedback and interference from the output end to the input end can be avoided:

2. The ability to suppress noise interference is very strong:

3. It has strong durability, high reliability, Advantages such as fast speed. The response time is usually less than a few. The response time of the high-speed photoelectric accelerator is even less than 0.01 μF.

Therefore, when designing the system circuit of the ultra-high-power fiber laser cutting machine, it should be isolated when connecting with a single-chip microcomputer. Here, photoelectron coupling is the most commonly used method.

The high-power optical fiber cutting machine is easy to operate, large cutting width, fast cutting speed, can cut thicker metal plates, stable performance, and more effective technical support for the production efficiency of all walks of life. And high efficiency, high quality, and high reliability can also bring ultra-high value returns to users, and at the same time better help the development of all walks of life.

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