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Things to consider when buying a laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-14
1. First of all, you must determine which products you want to laser for the laser cutting machine you will buy. Some manufacturers have many varieties of products. When buying a laser cutting machine, they hope that one laser device can cut all their varieties. In fact, the laser effect of a dedicated machine is often better than that of a compatible machine.

2, as far as possible, choose the long history of Changzhou laser cutting machine enterprise, the quality is guaranteed. Choose models with mature technology and stable quality to make cutting faster and more stable, with low energy consumption, low manual work, and low scrap rate. The laser cutting machine is a consumable machine. If you buy a low-quality machine, the cutting film that will be wasted over time in daily production in the future is not a small number.

3. If there is an on-site inspection, we must pay attention to the big aspects, but also to the small details. The details often determine the quality of the whole machine. Bring a sample test machine as much as possible.

4. In terms of after-sales service, 'in the circle' must have a good reputation. Timely after-sales service is very important to processing companies.

5. The laser cutting machine trusted by the peers can be given priority.

6. Try to choose simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, automatic continuous feeding mechanism, which can improve cutting efficiency and reduce labor costs, which is suitable for the long-term development of the enterprise.

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