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The world is so big, the laser cutting machine takes you to see

by:VENTECH     2022-02-20

ufeffI want to take you to romantic Turkey

Then go to Tokyo and Paris together


Everyone has a dream to travel around the world in their hearts

But always entangled in reality

It’s okay, the laser cutting machine will take you around the world

First stop: France

Laser-cut Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe

Second stop: United States

Laser-cut Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge

Third stop: Australia

Laser-cut Sydney Opera House

Do you really want to know how these models are made? The tour guide Mr. Laser will answer for you~

The laser cutting machine can make precise cutting on the material through the programming and drawing of the technician on the computer. The fine processing makes the texture of each window or outer skin clear. When the material is cut one by one At that time, you only need to splice the seemingly complex buildings from all over the world to show up in front of your eyes, and you can browse the whole world effortlessly.

In addition, the designer has new inspirations, using a laser cutting machine to wear the world on his body. The designer converts the map of the city he walked through into a template, uses a laser to cut it onto a metal plate, and then makes it into a ring, pendant or brooch. Its beauty is that it can be associated with any special moment in your life, the city where you were born, the restaurant where you first dated, your current home, or the memory of a loved one.

The beauty of the world is displayed in different forms by laser cutting machines. Because laser cutting is a non-contact processing, it has better flexibility and will not fold or scratch the target material like traditional methods. Even lead to material deformation, and the processing effect is better, and the flexibility is better.

Compared with traditional metal processing technology, laser cutting machine is more suitable for fine processing, so it is more and more used in handicraft processing and sheet metal processing.

If you also want to freeze the memory of travel and travel around the world without going out, then a high-performance laser cutting machine is an indispensable tool. Huagong Laser MARVEL series CNC fiber laser cutting machine adopts high-quality cutting process library. Compared with imported lasers, the cutting efficiency and cutting quality are the same. The product has good stability, long life, strong practicability, and good dynamic response. The second choice.

With technology speeding up in lighting speed, have created quite a name for itself amidst assembly machine manufacturers and it happens to have a lot of benefits as well.
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