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The use characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine and the prevention of power attenuation

by:VENTECH     2022-03-07

The fiber laser cutting machine has attracted the attention of many people. When grasping the processing operation of this kind of equipment, it also has its own characteristics in the working process. Therefore, it is very important for my friends to be able to analyze from multiple angles, so that we can have a better understanding of the actual product. When understanding laser cutting machine products, the actual cutting process will not be limited to the limitation of the cutting pattern, and in the specific operation process, the cutting accuracy is a state of high. People can also know that when the equipment is operating and processing, the actual speed in the working process is also very fast. And when knowing the work characteristics of this product, automatic typesetting can be carried out during the work process. From the overall consumption of materials, this is a great help for effective material saving. From the perspective of the actual product's incision. The cut is also a very smooth state, and the overall performance is very good. In this way, the characteristics of the laser cutting machine in use can be better grasped, and when people analyze the product, they can also know from the overall processing that the actual cost is also a very low state. Therefore, in the process of using the product, you may wish to analyze the corresponding content from more angles. How to prevent the power attenuation of the laser cutting machine 1. Laser maintenance: The best machine needs to be maintained and maintained. The laser cutting machine is mainly for the maintenance of the external light path of the generator. After working for a long time, the power drop is inevitable. When the power drop affects the production, the laser and the external optical path need to be maintained. When the maintenance is completed, the cutting ability will be restored. 2 . Laser quality: Lasers are also life-span, different quality lasers will have different usage time, so when buying lasers, you need to ask how long the lasers are used, and also pay attention to buying good quality products until the time is up. It needs to be replaced afterwards. 3. Environmental conditions at the production site: For example, the quality of compressed air, there is a lot of dust and smoke at the production site, and some users place painting operations near the laser cutting machine. The harsh production environment affects the production quality and capacity of the laser cutting machine.

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