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The use and advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-02

To understand the use, advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting machines, we must first know that the current laser cutting machines are mainly divided into two categories: fiber laser cutting machines and carbon dioxide laser cutting machines. Fiber laser cutting machines are also called metal laser cutting machines. Carbon dioxide laser cutting machine is also called non-metal laser cutting machine. In the past, there was a machine on the market that could cut both metal and non-metal materials, called mixed cutting machine. However, due to its high failure rate and short life span, Has been gradually eliminated by the market.

The use of laser cutting machine

The use of laser cutting machine is mainly divided into three categories, cutting, engraving and punching. It is mainly used in cutting applications. The carbon dioxide cutting machine is mainly used for cutting cloth, acrylic, plastic and rubber, and the fiber laser cutting machine is used for cutting metal materials, such as stainless steel plate cutting, copper plate cutting, carbon steel cutting, etc.

The advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting machine

The advantages of laser cutting machine compared to traditional manual cutting are clear at a glance, the cutting efficiency is much higher, and the advantages of mechanization compared with traditional manual cutting are numerous, and laser cutting It is a non-contact cutting, which has little effect on the product itself. It is a kind of thermal cutting. The edge of the product is smooth and flat without burrs. The cutting effect is good. The laser alignment is accurate and the cutting accuracy is high. Of course, any product has its technological limitations. The disadvantage of the laser cutting machine is that it cannot be cut in multiple layers. Because it is thermal cutting, the edge part of the multi-layer cutting is prone to adhesion, which has a greater impact on the cutting effect. Multi-layer cutting is not recommended.

Recommended models

Non-metal laser cutting machine Metal laser cutting machine

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