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The significance of stainless steel laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-24

Stainless steel is the most commonly used material in the industry. It is made of steel, and a certain proportion of alloying elements are added on the basis of carbon steel, so that the metal can be separated from the external medium without chemical action. Corrosion resistance can still be maintained under high temperature or low temperature environment. However, stainless steel is also difficult to machine. So, what good approach can solve this problem?

Since the 1950s, lasers have been gradually applied to human life until the birth of laser cutting machines, which changed the history of flexible stainless steel processing. For the cutting machine, the quality must be guaranteed, because we cannot waste too many work pieces because of the poor cutting quality of the cutting machine. The stainless steel laser cutting machine can fully grasp the cutting quality of the workpiece. As long as we follow the steps, there will generally be no deviations or burrs, and the cutting surface is also very smooth.

Stainless steel laser cutting machine has the characteristics of no burrs, fast cutting, and high precision. For many electromechanical manufacturing industries, it is often more popular than punching and forming processes: stainless steel laser cutting machines have no mold consumption. There is no need to repair molds, and time can be saved, thereby saving processing costs, reducing costs, and being more cost-effective economically.

On the other hand, laser cutting technology can give full play to its advantages in accuracy and repeatability, as the preferred manufacturing method for laminated molds. Laser cutting the mold can also bring another advantage, that is, the cutting edge of the mold will produce a shallow hardened layer, which improves the wear resistance of the mold in operation. The non-contact nature of laser cutting also brings stress-free advantages to the formation of circular saw blade cutting, which improves the service life of the mold.

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