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The reason why the laser cutting machine protects the lens with water mist

by:VENTECH     2022-01-10

In the cutting process of    laser cutting machine, auxiliary gas is indispensable! Among them, oxygen and nitrogen are commonly used. Of course, the higher the purity of the gas, the better the cutting quality. There are also many customers who want to save costs and use air cutting. However, there is always water mist on the protective lens during the cutting process, and the cutting quality is very poor. Why?

   First of all, Hongte Laser will first popularize the role of auxiliary gas:

   1. In order to blow away the residue Waste residue, to achieve a better cutting effect.

  2. Use gas to blow away the metal slag while protecting the lens to avoid the slag sticking to the lens and affecting the cutting quality.

  3. It can effectively achieve the effect of smooth cutting surface, no burrs and no dross, which belongs to fine cutting.

  4. It can react with the material and increase the cutting speed. For example, the use of oxygen can achieve the combustion-supporting effect.

   Therefore, in order to achieve a better cutting effect, the requirements for auxiliary gas are relatively high! Although air can be used as auxiliary gas, because the air contains water and oil, if it is not treated, it will cause lens pollution and unstable cutting head, so that the cutting effect and quality are not up to standard. Therefore, when air cutting is used, it is necessary to equip the fiber laser cutting machine with a cold dryer, which solves this problem well. The cold dryer can forcibly cool the compressed air below the required dew point temperature, thereby condensing a large amount of water vapor and oil mist contained in it into liquid droplets, which are separated from the gas and liquid, and discharged out of the machine by the drain to dry the compressed air.

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