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The principle of customizing the beam shape of fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-24

The fiber laser cutting machine has high cutting precision and is suitable for cutting precision accessories and fine cutting of various craft characters and pictures. The cutting speed is fast, which is more than 100 times that of wire cutting. The area of u200bu200bheat-affected area is small, the performance is stable, continuous production is guaranteed, it is not easy to be deformed, the cutting seam is smooth and beautiful, and there is no need for subsequent processing. Compared with the CNC punching machine, the fiber laser cutting machine can complete the processing of various complex structures. As long as any image can be drawn on the computer, the machine can complete the processing. There is no need to open the mold, just make the drawing on the computer, and the product can be released immediately, which can quickly develop new products and save costs. The complex process requirements are difficult to achieve with CNC punching machines, and fiber laser cutting machines can do it.

   In addition, the surface cut by the fiber laser cutting machine is very smooth, which is difficult for CNC punching machines to reach. Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in advertising sign production, sheet metal structure, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, textile machinery parts, kitchen utensils, automobiles, machinery, elevators, electrical parts, subway parts and other industries.

   Fiber laser cutting machine is slightly more expensive than ordinary laser cutting machine in terms of price, but from an overall point of view, fiber laser cutting machine is cost-effective.

   The customized beam shape in the fiber laser cutting machine is based on a principle, that is: Compared with the traditional laser cutting using a single circular laser beam, the new cutting process uses Complex laser beam shape. The unique focusing characteristics of high-power single-mode fiber lasers are used to generate complex beam shapes and make it possible to separate a part of the overall laser energy in order to create a 'keyhole' for laser welding or laser cutting applications. The rest of the energy will be distributed to the melt; before that, the main beam is used to create an appropriately high vapor pressure distribution on the surface of the molten material. This makes it possible to apply local pressure on the melt flowing out of the incision, which far exceeds the pressure of the coaxial gas jet commonly used in laser cutting. As a result, the incision is very narrow. The new process has great potential. It will not produce burrs in a large cutting speed range, and it can also perform high-speed cutting in narrow contour cutting to produce high-quality cuts.

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