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The price of fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-20

How much is the price of a fiber laser cutting machine is the most important issue that every manufacturer considers when purchasing a machine.

I believe that many friends in need will go to the Internet to check the price of fiber laser cutting machines in the early stage. However, the online products are dazzling, styles and models are diverse, and it is difficult to find a suitable equipment. Moreover, most of the prices marked on the Internet are the sales guide prices of the goods, not the original prices, so they are generally for reference.

There are many kinds of prices for fiber laser cutting machines. The market price ranges from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions. I would like to introduce you to the price of fiber laser cutting machines:

If the fiber laser cutting machine is used for thin plate cutting, the laser power and format are all under certain conditions, such as 3000W or less, semi-automatic, the price of these two models is more than 200,000 yuan, and if they choose Automation, ranging from millions or even higher.

If the fiber laser cutting machine cuts the tube and the power is above 3000w, the price is generally above 500,000 yuan. The price of laser pipe cutting machine is 1kW, 2kw, 3kW, etc. in terms of power.

Generally speaking, we like to find the source manufacturers of fiber laser cutting machines, because the source manufacturers will be relatively formal in workmanship, and all the accessories used on the machine are directly in contact with the manufacturers and suppliers, so reduce The price difference earned by the middleman will recommend more suitable machines for you, so that you can buy a cost-effective fiber laser cutting machine.

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