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The 'old driver' in the sheet metal industry tells you why he chose a domestic laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-02

In the laser cutting machine market, domestic equipment has always been chased by foreign equipment. Many customers will give priority to foreign equipment when purchasing equipment. This is inseparable from the inherent concept of the Chinese.

In this environment where domestic equipment is struggling to survive, the MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine equipped with 'China Core' has overcome difficulties and has become the common choice for many customers to purchase machines.

China's core strength PK foreign brand

Boss Huang is the owner of a sheet metal processing station in Zhongshan, Guangdong. He owns a CO2 laser cutting machine. The CO2 laser cutting machine has a long service life, which can no longer meet the daily processing needs, and the processing cost is also high. Boss Huang had the idea of u200bu200bbuying a fiber laser cutting machine.

With many years of experience in the industry, he initially considered buying a laser cutting machine of a foreign brand, which also represents the ideas of many people in the sheet metal industry. After all, laser cutting machines are imported from abroad, and everyone acquiesces that foreign-funded equipment is more technologically advanced.

However, after investigating the products on the market, he unexpectedly discovered that in the laser cutting machine market, domestic laser cutting machines have caught up, and considering the cost performance, they are better than imported equipment.

Especially in the field of fiber lasers, with the technological breakthroughs of Wuhan and other companies, domestic lasers have broken the monopoly of foreign-funded enterprises, and China National Semiconductor is able to compete with foreign brands. On June 13, Fiber Laser Co., Ltd. was successfully listed. This also signifies that the core technology of Chinese laser equipment has been recognized by the entire market and has the ability to fully challenge foreign technology.

With this idea, he came to the Huagong Laser Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park and conducted a close observation and trial of the equipment.

High-speed experience fighter plane in cutting machine

According to Boss Huang, he bought the laser cutting machine mainly for processing stainless steel plates and carbon steel plates. Due to the large volume of business, the requirements for processing speed and equipment stability are relatively high.

After on-site inspection and sample preparation, Mr. Huang witnessed the processing strength of HGlaser MARVEL fiber laser cutting machine not inferior to imported equipment.

It is reported that the MARVEL6000W laser cutting machine chosen by Mr. Huang is equipped with a 6000W laser and a processing speed of 600 holes per minute. Several round holes can be processed in the blink of an eye, with strong power.

In terms of equipment stability, MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine adopts digital design, the life of the machine tool exceeds 10 years, continuous cutting for 127 hours in the test, and the cutting quality is excellent.

After using it for a period of time, Boss Huang said that the processing effect of MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine is more stable and accurate than the foreign brands he inspected, and the cutting speed is faster.

Good service, low price, cost-effective cutting machine

Despite all the advantages, Mr. Huang said that it was the price and service that finally made him determined to choose the MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine.

He said that he has been in the business for so many years and has knowledge of various sheet metal processing machine tools. The price of MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine is much more favorable than that of foreign brands. This is the real temptation.

More importantly, as a leader in the domestic laser industry, HG Laser has a reputation in the industry for its services. As a veteran and veteran driver in the industry, Boss Huang said that supporting domestic products is not only the behavior of consumers, but also the behavior of domestic enterprises to strive for self-improvement and develop new high-quality products.

This is also the direction that HG Laser has been working hard, and is committed to launching high-quality, high-experience, and cost-effective laser cutting machine products, which is a higher honor for manufacturing.

Currently, MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machines are participating in the anniversary event of Huagong Laser's official mall. Purchase the machine from June 18th to July 18th and you can get the purchase award iPhoneX. If you also want to buy, search Huagong Learn more about the event at the official laser store.

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