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The importance of focusing principle of laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-15

As we all know, laser cutting machines have unparalleled advantages in cutting metal sheets. It not only has high cutting accuracy, but also has a smooth cross-section and no burrs. Good results can be achieved by cutting thick or thin plates. However, the focus and control of the laser cutting machine are inseparable, it is the same as the focus of the SLR camera, through the focus adjustment, to obtain a better cutting effect.

So what is focus control? Friends who are familiar with laser cutting machines know that in order to obtain better cutting results when the laser cutting machine cuts different materials and plates of different thicknesses, the focus of the laser beam will be set at different Location, this is what we call the focus.

In the early days of laser cutting applications, the main focusing method was done manually. With the development of laser technology, this manual focus method has been phased out, and the automatic focus function has begun to work slowly, such as high energy. The entire series of laser laser cutting machines are equipped with a focus function fully automatic. Therefore, some people will say that the light path is built into the cutting head. Can the focus function be achieved by changing the height of the cutting head? Low. However, it turns out that it is not as simple as everyone thinks.

The bottom of the cutting head is the nozzle. During the cutting process, the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece (nozzle height) is about 0.5-1.5mm. It can be regarded as a fixed value, that is, the height of the nozzle does not change, so it cannot be adjusted by raising the cutting head.

The focal length of the focusing lens cannot be changed, so you cannot expect to adjust the focal length by changing the focal length. If you change the position of the focus lens, you can change the focus position: the focus lens goes down, the focus goes down, the focus lens goes up, and the focus goes up. ——This is actually a way of focusing. A motor is used to move the focus lens up and down to achieve automatic focusing.

Another method of auto-focusing is to set a variable curvature mirror (or adjustable mirror) before the beam enters the focusing mirror, and change the divergence angle of the reflected beam by changing the curvature of the mirror. Focus position.

With the auto focus function, the machine can automatically adjust the focus to the most suitable position when processing workpieces of different materials and thicknesses. This can greatly improve the processing efficiency of the laser cutting machine, and can greatly reduce the drilling time of thick plates.

Therefore, for the laser cutting machine, the auto focus function is an important and indispensable function.

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