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The high-power laser cutting machine market is competing with each other. Why does Hongte Laser win?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-01

Once upon a time, the laser cutting market was dominated by 1KW-3KW. With the increase in the thickness of processed materials, medium-power laser cutting machines gradually showed signs of fatigue. The high-power market became a new battlefield for fierce competition among many manufacturers. A buzzword in the market in the past two years.

This is driven by the decrease in laser cost and the increase in domestic laser power. At the same time, higher power and higher processing efficiency are also market demands. The 10,000-watt laser cutting machine has opened up the metal processing market with a thickness of more than 30mm. In the future, major manufacturers will continue to compete for this piece of cake.

In April this year, Hongte Laser solemnly launched a 10,000-watt fiber laser cutting machine at the China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT), which will show everyone the charm of high-power laser cutting machines on site.

Five months later, Hongte Laser once again made a stunning appearance with the newly developed MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine, stirring up a pool of spring water in the high-power fiber laser cutting machine market, and playing a role in the sheet metal processing market The strong voice of the era of 'Smartly Leading the Future'. On September 9th, the 'MARVEL6000 series new product release and customer experience meeting' event was successfully held. The atmosphere was very hot, and customers signed orders on the spot.

What makes MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine stand out from the fierce competition?

The core light source independently manufactures Hongte Laser and strategically cooperates with lasers, and jointly develops key technologies. The fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with authentic Chinese core, which also reduces maintenance costs and procurement costs by 15%-20%. Let customers benefit.

Flexible upgrade to 8000W, 10000W. Purchase MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine for life-time technology upgrade service. You only need to add modules to upgrade to higher power. No matter how market demand changes, you can always keep up with the trend of the times. .

Quality assurance After-sales worry-free Hongte laser service outlets are all over the country, after-sales service response time is 4 hours, after receiving a repair call, after-sales engineers have a clear answer within 24 hours or arrive at the equipment site.

In recent years, the field of sheet metal processing has also developed rapidly, especially in the countless small and medium-sized laser processing factories, including sheet metal processing, auto parts, home appliance parts, mechanical equipment, ceramic building materials, metal products, etc. The outstanding processing demand has driven the rapid development of laser applications. In the competition of the high-power laser cutting machine market, Hongte Laser will continue to forge ahead and create more value for customers.

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