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The gold content of laser technology has been upgraded, and China has also used laser technology

by:VENTECH     2022-03-17

On April 24, 1970, China's first artificial satellite, Dongfanghong-1, was successfully launched. When the familiar Dongfanghong sounded, all witnesses were wet with tears.

The Chinese people’s dream of flying to the sky has finally become a reality with the unremitting efforts of generations of scientists looking up at the stars. Now my country’s Shenzhou XII spacecraft has been successfully launched, and the Chinese cause has achieved world-renowned achievements, except for In addition to the down-to-earth efforts of scientific researchers, many people actually don't know that modern laser technology has also contributed to the field.

The application of modern laser technology in the field is mainly in cutting, laser welding, laser drilling and other aspects.

First, laser cutting, 30 times faster than mechanical methods

In the industry, the materials used for laser cutting are: titanium alloy, nickel alloy, chromium alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium molybdenum, plastic and composite materials.

In the manufacture of equipment, the shell is made of special metal materials, which have high strength, high hardness and high temperature resistance. It is difficult to complete the processing of materials by ordinary cutting methods. Laser cutting is an efficient processing method. Laser cutting can be used to process aircraft skin, honeycomb structure, frame, wing bin, tail avoiding plate, helicopter main rotor, engine casing and flame tube, etc.

Laser cutting generally uses continuous output lasers, but also uses high-repetition carbon dioxide pulse lasers. The aspect ratio of laser cutting is high. For non-metals, the aspect ratio can reach more than 100, and for metals it can reach about 20. The laser cutting speed is high. It is 30 times that of the mechanical method to cut the titanium alloy sheet and 20 times that of the mechanical method to cut the steel plate.

2. Laser welding simplifies the production process of the fuselage

In the industry, many parts are welded by electron beam. Since laser welding does not need to be carried out in a vacuum, laser welding is currently being used instead of electron beam welding.

For a long time, the connection between aircraft structural parts has been using backward riveting technology. The main reason is that the aluminum alloy material used in the aircraft structure is heat-treated strengthened aluminum alloy (that is, high-strength aluminum alloy). The strengthening effect of heat treatment will be lost, and intergranular cracks are unavoidable.

The use of laser welding technology overcomes such problems and greatly simplifies the manufacturing process of the aircraft fuselage, reducing the weight of the fuselage by 18% and reducing the cost by 21.4%-24.3%. Laser welding Technology is a technological revolution in the aircraft industry.

3. Laser drilling technology helps reduce costs and increase efficiency

Laser drilling technology is suitable for drilling holes in instrument jewel bearings, air-cooled turbine blades, nozzles and combustion chambers in the industry.

At present, in the processing of engine parts, laser drilling is limited to processing the cooling holes of engine stationary parts, because there are microscopic cracks on the surface of the holes.

Experimental research on laser beam, electron beam, electrochemistry, electric spark drilling, mechanical drilling and punching, it is concluded through comprehensive analysis. Laser drilling has the advantages of good effect, strong versatility, high efficiency and low cost.

It can be seen that the future market potential of laser is unlimited, and the manufacturing requirements of Guozhizhi for laser equipment are also changing with each passing day.


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