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The future trend of laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-27

The purpose of the emergence of science and technology is to facilitate people's work, life and scientific research. With the continuous development of current technology, we also need to slowly eliminate traditional cutting tools, and the new type of cutting tool is laser. Cutting machines and laser cutting machines can cut with low loss, and are generally controlled by intelligent programs, which greatly reduces labor costs.

 Because of the development of high-power lasers and the advantages of laser cutting quality and efficiency, laser cutting machines have been widely used in the production of construction machinery sheet parts.
Not only greatly improves the cutting quality of steel plate cutting and blanking, but also replaces traditional mechanical processing methods in some technological cutting, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity.
In addition, the application of the high-precision advantages of the laser cutting machine can reduce the size of the sheet metal process gap, improve the accuracy of its size, and make subsequent sheet metal and drilling templates through cutting, which is the overall sheet metal part Production provides efficiency and quality assurance.
Because there are many applications of medium and thick plates in construction machinery, and long strip workpieces are easy to deform, in order to improve efficiency and quality, and improve the overall benefits of production, coupled with the complex shape of some workpieces and high precision requirements, the construction machinery manufacturing industry needs to mainly adopt Mechanized and automated coordinate-type numerical control equipment is the means of blanking, which saves manpower and greatly reduces secondary processing.

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