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The difference and configuration of different types of CNC cutting machine tools

by:VENTECH     2022-03-12

1. The main differences between different structures and models

1. The differences between different models of CNC cutting machines:

Configuration (system, drive motor reducer, etc. ), additional configurations (for example: can be equipped with several cutting torches, whether it can be widened longitudinally and laterally, etc.), cutting area (its own effective cutting area);

2. Numerical control cutting at different prices There are differences in the configuration of the machine tool:

High-end: the main configuration is fully imported. Medium price: Chinese and foreign combined. Ordinary price: localized to determine the CNC cutting machine. It needs to be based on the cutting size, structure, cutting method, height adjustment method, etc. Comprehensive consideration. There are many combinations of structure, cutting method, lifting method, etc.

Second, the size of the format, there are two parameters, namely the effective width of the transverse cutting and the effective length of the longitudinal cutting.

1. For the portable CNC cutting machine, when placing the equipment on the steel plate for active cutting, two factors should be considered: one is the size of the part to ensure that one part can be cut at one time; the other is the steel plate The width requires the equipment to be placed horizontally on the steel plate, and its longitudinal cutting length can cut the steel plate horizontally to reduce the number of movements of the equipment.

2. Under normal circumstances, the size of the format should consider the specifications of the steel plate. After the steel plate is moved to a suitable position, it is hoped that the CNC cutting machine can cut it at one time. Otherwise, it is inconvenient to use and not conducive to material saving. For the portal cutting machine, in order to improve the efficiency of the equipment, it is also considered to prevent two steel plates from cutting horizontally and longitudinally at the same time. Some manufacturers also place multiple devices on a set of longitudinal rails at the same time.

Three, structure form The structure form of the equipment has portable, gantry type, desktop and so on. The structure is light, the equipment is easy to move and install, does not need to occupy a fixed plant, and the equipment cost is low. However, due to the limitation of the lightweight structure, the transverse cutting width is limited, and the high-speed cutting rigidity is poor. Gantry type cutting machine, because the frame adopts the gantry type support method, the equipment has good rigidity and can achieve a horizontal span of 3-10 meters. However, the equipment installation requirements are high, and a dedicated workshop area is required. It is usually a two-way drive gantry cutting machine. The desktop cutting machine is a one-piece structure, which is convenient to move in place, but the cutting amount is subject to certain restrictions.

Four, the cutting method can be classified from different angles. Fire cutting, plasma cutting, CNC intersecting line cutting.

Flame cutting: It is a traditional hot cutting method, suitable for cutting high-quality medium-thick carbon steel. Plasma cutting: suitable for cutting carbon plates, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, etc. The cutting speed is faster than flame.

In order to meet the user's intersecting wire cutting requirements for round pipes, we have adopted two different cutting methods: one is special intersecting wire cutting special parts, which can be configured on various types of cutting machines , Complete the intersecting line cutting. The former method is suitable for large-volume professional intersecting wire cutting, and the latter method is suitable for realizing multiple functions in one machine when the batch is not large, which is convenient for reducing equipment investment and site occupation.

Fifth, the height adjustment method, whether it is flame cutting or plasma cutting, must ensure that the height of the cutting hole is consistent with the height of the steel plate, so that the cutting effect is the best and the cutting hole has the longest service life. There are several types of elevation adjustment:

1. Electric button adjustment is a process in which the torch is moved up and down by the adjustment motor through the operation button. In the above two methods, the operator directly controls the cutting torch.

2. Capacitive automatic adjustment device for flame cutting. Flame cutting is equipped with capacitive automatic height adjustment. On the one hand, the cutting torch is automatically adjusted to ensure that the height between the cutting torch and the steel plate remains constant; on the other hand, after the preheating is completed, the cutting hyperbaric oxygen tank is opened, and iron slag will appear. Backsplash, it is easy to block the cutting opening at this time. When the automatic height adjustment is configured, the cutting oxygen tank is automatically lifted. After the slag backsplash is completed, the cutting oxygen tank is moved down, which can reduce the cutting well. The torch is blocked.

3. The arc pressure type automatic height adjustment is used for plasma cutting. On the one hand, the cutting speed is fast, on the other hand, the arc is very dazzling. Therefore, the operator can observe the height of the cutting opening from the steel plate at any time and adjust the cutting in time Not only the reaction speed can't keep up with the mouth, but the eyes on the other side can't bear it either. The thinner the board, the better. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the arc voltage should be automatically adjusted higher.

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