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the benefits of stretch wrappers for shipping products

by:VENTECH     2020-02-28
Shipping products from factories and warehouses to dealers or customers can be frustrating for some companies, not to mention harmful to their distribution costs.
Delivering products safely and effectively to their destinations is a real challenge for the company.
Manual tray-
During transportation, the combination and loose stacking can cause the product to shift and dump, thus damaging the product.
Rain, snow and other weather factors can destroy the packaging and the contents.
Companies can use protective stretch films applied with stretch packaging machines, or use machine shrink films and shrink equipment in some applications to minimize these problems and reduce costs. Forward-
Think the company recognizes the benefits of purchasing stretch packaging and shrink packaging equipment.
The shrink device will shrink the film for bundling, protection, holding and unification.
Stretch packaging improves pallet loading handling, improves worker efficiency, and improves safety in the workplace.
Most importantly, they help ensure that the company\'s products arrive safely at their destination.
Stretch Packaging provides superior protection for the company\'s products.
It is safer to stretch the packing load;
The cover-up of opaque films;
The stretch film protects the contents from dirt, dust and moisture;
UVI film protects products from UV rays.
High-elastic protective stretch film used with stretch packaging machines can replace more expensive pallet packaging such as strapping, corrugated packaging and heat shrink film.
Pallet packaging films are recyclable and there is an increasing number of biodegradable hand bags and machine packaging films that are suitable for different applications.
In addition to the biodegradable options, the operation can also reduce the impact on the environment by ensuring machines and films with higher performance, which require fewer films and produce less waste.
The key to efficiency and cost is often-
The machine itself is an efficient pallet packaging system.
Lantech is a leader in the packaging pallet industry.
Pat Lancaster, founder of the company, invented the first turntable stretch package in early 1970.
Twenty years later, the company transformed into a lean company, committed to creating more value with less cost.
Lantech produces several models;
High quality, high cost
Effective pallet packaging machine.
The universal stretch wrapper is designed for most pallet loads.
Overhead span models are ideal for liquids and corrosive materials.
Custom level model
Built for heavy objects.
Many factors need to be taken into account when purchasing a pallet packaging system to ensure that it meets the unique needs, applications and objectives of operations.
Typical general purpose stretch packaging customers pack less than 100 kilograms of goods per day.
Their load shapes are irregular, and the company uses a forklift or pallet jack to load the stretch package.
Overhead cross-empty stretch wrapping paper is designed for high, light and unstable loads.
They can also be used for products that are too heavy to rotate on the turntable system.
Typical customers pack 100 loads per hour.
Customer packaging using horizontal pallet packaging machine is not suitable for heavy objects of turntable system.
Their products may need to be bundled, compressed or packed extra to be shipped.
The horizontal model reduces material costs and reduces damage during transportation.
The company can purchase Lantech stretch packaging from Crawford province packaging equipment, as well as other industrial packaging equipment such as shrink packaging equipment, mobile packaging equipment, case sealer, case installer, etc.
Crawford province packaging equipment is a leader in the pallet packaging industry and is a department of Crawford packaging company
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