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The application field of laser cutting machine laser technology is more and more extensive

by:VENTECH     2022-01-04

In the process of rapid economic development in my country, the speed of industrial development is more obvious. In the process of the gradual development of the industry, the importance of processing technology in the industry has gradually manifested. As a relatively advanced processing technology, laser cutting technology has a positive role in promoting the development of the entire industry, both in terms of its development prospects and the importance of application. The application of laser cutting technology not only improves the efficiency of processing, but also promotes more refined processing procedures.  

In the process of processing industrial operations, laser cutting is a technology that is frequently used and has a wide range of applications. In the processing field, about 73% of the processing operations need to be completed with the help of laser cutting technology. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting technology has high precision, strong adaptability, low noise, and good cutting quality. The waiting point is applied in a large area. At the same time, for some complex processing operations that are completed with the help of large abrasive tools, Under the application of laser cutting technology, not only does not need to apply abrasive tools, but also can ensure the quality of cutting. In the process of reducing production costs, improve production efficiency. Therefore, laser cutting technology is widely used in the fields of vehicle manufacturing, aviation and light industry. In recent years, during the development of my country's processing industry, laser cutting technology has achieved rapid development in application.

The development trend of laser cutting technology

In the process of wide application of processing and cutting technology, the development speed of laser cutting technology has further accelerated. The development of laser cutting technology can make this technology more advanced in the application process. Judging from the current development situation, laser cutting technology is developing in the following directions.

Developed into high-speed, high-precision cutting technology

At present, my country's processing and cutting technology is still showing backwardness. In response to this situation, my country's processing and cutting technology is gradually developing in the direction of high speed and high precision in the process of development. The current improvements in the beam mode of high-power lasers and the related applications of microcomputers provide the possibility to produce high-precision, high-speed processing and cutting equipment. At present, the speed of laser cutting technology applied in our country has exceeded 20m/min. The two-axis movement speed of the processing and cutting machine can reach 250m/min, and the acceleration has reached about 10G during operation. For small holes of about 10mm in 1mm thick plates, It can cut about 500 pieces per minute. In the process of laser cutting technology application, it will be found that the error between these small holes is very small. It can be seen that the laser cutting technology has actually begun to develop in the direction of high speed and high precision in practical applications.

In this era of rapid development, Hongte Laser has always been committed to creating better products for customers. Excellent beam quality, stable optical path, and fine cutting have become our leading advantages.

The application of laser cutting technology for thick plate cutting and large-size workpiece cutting

In the process of actual operation, it can be found that the power of laser cutting equipment used in practical operation is gradually increasing, and the laser cutting fluid is developing from thin plate cutting in light industry to thick plate cutting in heavy industry. The thickness of the carbon steel plate that can be cut by the high-power 6KW laser has reached 32mm. In the process of continuous improvement of cutting technology, my country has been trying continuously, and 3KW lasers are gradually applied to 32mm carbon steel plates for cutting. And the project operation has already started in operation. In addition, the size range of processed parts used in laser cutting technology has continued to increase. The current laser cutting technology can cut boards up to 6.3m in length and 5.5m in width. From the actual cutting process, it can be found that laser cutting technology has begun to develop in the direction of thick plates and large sizes, prompting the design of laser cutting equipment in this direction, thereby further improving industrial processing technology.

Three-dimensional multi-axis CNC laser cutting technology

After my country joined the World Trade Organization, frequent international exchanges have prompted all walks of life to gradually join the ranks of international competition. In this process, the automobile, aviation and other industries need to continuously apply laser cutting technology during the development process. my country has also applied 5-axis and 6-axis 3D laser cutting technology to processing operations. The application of the three-dimensional laser cutting machine in actual operation will help the laser cutting technology to develop in a more refined direction. And three-dimensional laser cutting technology has high efficiency and a wide range of applications.

Unmanned and automated cutting technology

Economic development has promoted the maturity of processing technology. As a processing technology, the automation and unmanned direction of laser cutting technology has the necessity and urgency of development. At the same time, the application of computer network technology makes it possible to automate and unmanned laser cutting technology. At present, many laser cutting machines of this type have been produced abroad, and the market's application demand for this technology is also increasing, prompting the gradual realization of automation and unmanned laser cutting technology.

In general, in the process of rapid economic development, my country's industrial processing industry has developed very rapidly, and the number of industrial processing components has gradually increased, which has promoted the application of laser cutting technology more and more widely. Hongte Laser is also developing steadily. Its business has covered more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and it has become a partner of many well-known international companies.

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