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taste of solar power builds appetite for more in kenya, survey finds

by:VENTECH     2020-03-07
Thomson Reuters Foundation-Fuel-
Seller Nancy Kaisa has been using solar energy for years to illuminate her home at the Kajiado Entasopia mall in southern Kenya.
But recently, she began using micro-solar cells.
To operate her fuel pump and meet her other energy needs, she gave up the diesel generator.
\"I now serve more customers every day than before, because (the pump)
When the fuel is manual, allocate the fuel faster than before
Kaisa said.
Energy experts say Kenya is one of the main countries in Africa to promote solar energy use, and experiments in solar lighting are rapidly expanding to use renewable energy in a wider range of businesses.
Survey of 200 rural solar micro-enterprises
The grid system found that at least 10% of people who bought basic solar lighting and electricity now want to climb the \"energy ladder\" and start using clean energy to make their businesses or farms more profitable, according to mini-
Grid companies and charitable investment groups.
In particular, people who have already used and become familiar with solar products such as solar lanterns and solar panel home systems are most eager to try to expand their business with micro products
Seattle project official Courtney Blodgett said the grid is clean energy-and is already familiar with payment systems, such as moving money through mobile phones.
Impact investment based on Vulcan.
\"Consumers are more comfortable with mobile money or payments --as-you-
Go systems, because many solar products are sold or leased using the system across Africa, \"Blodgett told Thomson Reuters Foundation.
Mobile phone connections can also solve problems quickly, according to the survey.
\"If there is a power outage due to lack of payment, just click on their phone quickly and our customers can do instant micro
\"Payment to turn the lights back on,\" the author notes . \".
Research on the impact of Vulcan on investment and small enterprises
Steama, grid operator.
The company was operating in Kenya in 2015.
2016 operation 10 solar mini
There are more than thousands of grid services.
It paints an optimistic picture of a system that can help 0. 6 billion people get renewable energy without access to Africa\'s existing grid.
\"At the current rate of connecting new homes to the state grid, it will take more than 60 years for every African to get affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy, the report quoted the report of the 2015 African Progress group.
\"Private run renewable energy Mini
On the other hand, the grid can be installed and run in a few weeks, \"Blodgett said, calling the systems\" more flexible \".
The survey, released this month, found that almost all-
The grid-typically in rural areas that are not connected to the State Grid, distributing solar energy from the common panel system-stops using kerosene or batteries as normal power supplies.
\"Before installing the grid, 86% of our customers use unsafe, unhealthy kerosene, disposable batteries or diesel generators to meet their energy needs.
\"Only 4% of customers are still using these fossil fuels after the grid is installed,\" the report said . \".
The survey found that people who bought solar energy spent an average of $5.
Pay $34 a month, and some heavy users pay up to $72. 70.
It says early evidence suggests that solar power grids can be profitable in Africa as long as the site is carefully selected, the grid is well designed, and the customer\'s correct combination is arranged.
This is especially the case, the authors say, with the cost of solar panels, batteries and other components falling.
The study found that the demand for electricity is also increasing.
\"Our customers told us that they would buy more electricity if they could afford more appliances --
But it\'s often hard for them to afford these refrigerators, TVs, and welders . \"
To help, these companies are now considering offering rentto-
They say they have plans to own or lease these tools and appliances.
Expanding the use of renewable micro-cars
The grid system needs to do more to understand consumer behavior and improve the use of energy storage and efficient appliances, Blodgett said.
According to the energy acquisition campaign, \"everyone\'s power\", ensuring that the grid is financially sustainable will be the key to expanding the size of the grid, ensure that the national energy policy framework shifts from the focus of expanding the grid to broader efforts to provide energy services from a wider range of sources.
\"Part of the Mobile mini
Grid is shifting our thinking from grid to utility.
What we saw from Vulcan and Steama.
Co is not just an infrastructure, it has also emerged a model for new energy services for remote communities, \"said William Brent, spokesman for all electricity. Steama.
In 2015, co won the Business Innovation Award for its solar productspowered mini-
Kenya\'s grid system from the UK
Ashden, a charity dedicated to accelerating the global transition to clean energy.
A report by the International Renewable Energy Agency this year predicts that innovation, new business models and new finance will lead to a 60% reduction in the cost of generating electricity from renewable grids in the next 20 years.
The company says solar home power systems in Africa now offer only $56 a year for lighting, which is less expensive than diesel or kerosene home lighting.
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