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Standard operating procedure of laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-16
The laser cutting machine is an important equipment for sheet metal processing. The correct use of the laser cutting machine is also an important prerequisite for improving its service life. Therefore, after purchasing the machine, we must master the standard and standardized machine operation procedures and methods to reduce the failure rate , Improve the service life, below we will introduce the standard and standardized operation process of the laser cutting machine:

First of all, we must strictly follow the regulations, follow the principles of turning on and off the laser cutting machine equipment, and do not force it to close or open;

Secondly, employees are not allowed to operate the machine without training, and can only operate on the machine after complete training;

Third, during the working process of the laser cutting machine, outsiders are not allowed to approach the operating table and console, and the core operations must be completed by professional personnel;

Fourth, mediate the optical path of the machine tool, mediate the cutting head under the follow-up method, and enforce the correct control process to ensure the safety of man and machine;

Fifth, every time you turn on the machine, you need to return to the reference point, check and process the focusing lens, calibrate the coaxiality of the beam nozzle, open the cutting auxiliary gas, and the pressure in the bottle should not be less than 1Mpa;

Sixth, check the laser cutting machine equipment's external light path protection gas, freezer, cooling river, air compressor, cold dryer, and drainage filter once a week.
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