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Smart factory nirvana: laser cutting flexible production material warehouse

by:VENTECH     2022-02-16

What will the factory of the future look like? A small number of workers or even unmanned workshops, digitalization, full interconnection of equipment, online monitoring of production information, and orderly and self-sufficient production processes are keywords that can now be thought of to describe 'smart factories'.

In recent years, the upsurge of smart manufacturing has swept across China and has become the most important measure to promote the 'Made in China 2025' national strategy. Among them, Smart Factory, as an important practice field of smart manufacturing, is moving towards Industry 4.0. A part of the globalization trend.

European and American countries first put forward the concept of 'smart factory'. One of its major features is flexible automation. Combining the company's products and production characteristics, it continuously improves the automation of production, inspection and factory logistics.

'Flexibility' is relative to 'rigid'. The traditional 'rigid' automated production line mainly realizes the mass production of a single product. The flexible manufacturing system is an automated manufacturing system composed of CNC processing equipment, material transportation and storage devices, and computer control systems. It includes multiple flexible manufacturing units that can be quickly adjusted according to changes in manufacturing tasks or production environments. It is suitable for multiple varieties, Small and medium batch production.

The era of mass production is gradually being replaced by production that adapts to market dynamics. Whether an enterprise can stand out in market competition depends to a large extent on whether it can produce in a short development cycle. The ability to produce different varieties of products with lower cost and higher quality.

In the manufacturing industry, flexible production lines have occupied a very important position. In many processing processes, lasers have become the first choice for flexible production lines due to their flexibility and efficiency.

At present, many domestic laser manufacturers have launched a laser cutting flexible production line, which combines multiple adjustable laser processing machine tools with a flexible manufacturing system to form a flexible laser processing system, relying on computer management to make the two perfect Cooperate.

The composition of the laser cutting flexible production line mainly includes a three-dimensional library (material storage), an automatic loading and unloading system (including a frame, a suction device, a fork device, and a finished product sorting table) and a plane cutting system.

Take Huagong laser laser cutting flexible production line as an example. It includes 1 drag 2 loading and unloading and storage station. It consists of a set of storage system, an automatic loading and unloading system, and a set of production line operation monitoring system, which can be configured. 2 laser cutting machines.

Storage system: Choose a vertical single-tower structure, equipped with lifting, feeding and discharging mechanisms, controlled by intelligent software, and provide high-quality and automated material management and transportation for the production process.

Automatic loading and unloading system: The running support adopts a truss structure and is equipped with a manual sorting table for finished products, which has the characteristics of accurate positioning, stable operation, fast and flexible. The uniquely designed suction cup feeding system and comb-like fork feeding system improve the operating efficiency of the equipment. Equipped with plate separation and thickness detection devices, which improves the safety of the equipment.

Production line operation monitoring system: PLC program control, touch screen operation, simple and clear Chinese operation interface. With remote management of the laser cutting machine, through the communication with the laser cutting machine, the automatic operation of the production line can be realized, including 'material storage, material removal, receipt and dispatch record statistics, inventory statistics, inventory warning, etc.'.

This production line can realize automatic storage and transfer of plates, automatic warehousing, manipulators automatically grab the plates and place them in the laser cutting station for cutting. After cutting, they will automatically unload, and the finished materials will be automatically stored in the warehouse. , Automatic waste collection and other functions, the whole process can be unmanned or simply participated by people with simple cooperation, simple operation, easy management, great manpower saving, and the greatest realization of automation and intelligence.

In the factories of the future, flexible manufacturing systems will be very useful in industries such as automobiles, power switches, and construction machinery. With the further development of industry and laser processing technology, there will be more extensive applications.

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