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Safety management of fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-24
Safety management of fiber laser cutting machine

Before operating the machine tool and performing routine maintenance, the operator must read this chapter carefully to understand the safety measures and requirements of the machine tool, and observe the relevant safety precautions.

a) Designate safety administrators, determine their scope of responsibility, and conduct safety operations and safety protection education for laser processing operators.

b) Designate the laser safety management area, and set up warning signs at the entrance and exit of the management area, including: the power of the laser processing machine, the type of laser, the prohibition of outsiders, pay attention to protecting the eyes and the name of the safety manager, etc.

c) The operator of the laser processing machine must be specially trained to reach a certain level, and can only operate on duty with the consent of the safety administrator.

The main harm of laser to the human body is eyes and skin. Any part of the human body will be burned by laser irradiation. Especially the long-term observation of fiber laser will seriously harm the retina of the eyes! All operators must strictly wear 1064nm laser protective glasses! It is forbidden to operate and observe without wearing glasses! Avoid placing any part of the body in the flight light path of the laser device to avoid injury caused by misoperation.

Eye and skin protection: In laser processing, CO2, YAG and fiber lasers are usually used. Different types of lasers cause different damage to the human body. YAG and fiber laser may damage the retina of the eye. Because the wavelength of YAG and light laser has extremely high transmittance to the eye, it is also more harmful. The main hazard of CO2 laser is burns to the cornea of u200bu200bthe eye. Both types of laser irradiation may cause eye cataracts and burn the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt corresponding protective measures according to the different types of lasers. The laser equipped with this machine is a fiber laser, so wear protective glasses strictly.

Fire protection: Oxygen is often used during laser cutting. In addition to the splashing of sparks during cutting, oxygen is likely to cause a fire hazard. Therefore, there should be no flammable and explosive materials in the work area, and corresponding preventive facilities should be provided at the same time.

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