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Reasons for power limitation of fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-20

Due to various factors, the optical power of a single-mode fiber laser is limited to about 1kW. What are the main factors limiting optical power? In order to let you know more about this product and make your operation more convenient, this article will explain in detail. Let us understand it together.

1. Optical nonlinear effects include stimulated Brillouin scattering, stimulated Raman scattering and self-phase modulation:

2. Amplified spontaneous emission competes with Racine wavelength In order to store the maximum energy, and limit the maximum number of reversals and the final discharge energy:

3. The thermal rupture limit of the optical fiber is about 100 wcm-1. If the energy consumption of a 10-meter fiber is 15 WM-1, a 1 kilowatt fiber laser will consume less than 15% of the energy absorbed by the pump, that is, 150 watts of heat per kilowatt:

4. At 1060m If the maximum power is greater than 1 MW, the block damage threshold of pulse excitation is greater than 60 gwcm-2, and the continuous and surface damage threshold is about 1 Wcm-2. When the pulse length is less than 100ns, the autofocus threshold is about 4MW, which must be considered.

Increase the diameter of the mode section, increase the gain of the basic mode, insert a spatial filter, increase the loss of higher-order modes, and shorten the length of the fiber. The use of photonic crystals or porous fibers can increase the fiber The maximum output power makes the power of a single fiber reach 2kW. However, the most effective way to obtain high-power laser is to use multi-fiber combined output. Combine several 250-400 w scanning mode fibers to obtain a 10 kW high-power fiber laser system. Although a simple fiber bundle combination can achieve high-power output, the output bundle is multi-mode, which is not very effective in some applications.

Through the content explained in this article, you can generally understand the factors that limit the power of fiber laser cutting machines. In future operations, you should pay more attention to this requirement and learn more about product knowledge, which is very helpful for your operation and use. I hope the content explained in this article is helpful to you.

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