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Reagent box packaging box sealing film laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-17

In the production process of medical products, such as the production of reagents and drugs, during the later packaging process, it is necessary to cut the sealing film of the kit to separate the kit. Common packaging film materials for kits are aluminum foil or semi-transparent film, which can be tightly and automatically sealed on the surface of test tubes, ampoules, various irregular tools and objects, taking into account penetrability and airtightness. The process requirements are relatively high, and the requirements for the later cutting process are also relatively high at one time, and the product quality cannot be damaged.

The editor is here to introduce a kit sealing film cutting equipment-UV laser marking machine. The UV marking machine is a device that can act on a variety of metal and non-metal materials. It can not only achieve product surface engraving and marking, but also product cutting function. It is a multi-functional laser device.

Using a UV laser marking machine to cut the sealing film of the kit, the edge effect is smooth and beautiful, and laser cutting is a non-contact processing method. It can avoid friction and scratches on the surface of the product, without mechanical pressure, and greatly improve the integrity of the product. The precise energy control of the UV laser marking machine is especially suitable for some medical products that require high cutting precision, and is suitable for cutting various thermoplastics and aluminum foil film materials. The cutting efficiency is high, and it is a kind of equipment used in the production of many medical kits.

Recommended model: Medical UV marking machine

Model features:

1. It is equipped with UV laser, which can be suitable for large Cutting, marking and scribing of some metal and non-metal materials

2. Laser cutting has precise dimensions, smooth edges and no burrs

3. High cutting efficiency, desktop and assembly line machines are optional Two styles of type

4. The cutting format can be 100*100, 200*200, 300*300, and many other sizes, support customized models

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