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Process and equipment required for air duct processing and production

Process and equipment required for air duct processing and production


Process and equipment required for air duct processing and production


First, the process of processing and production of air ducts

There are many types of air ducts, different air duct production process is different, to the commonly used metal air ducts as an example, its processing and production process is as follows:

1. Approval of air duct size. According to the design requirements, drawing review minutes, combined with on-site measurement data to draw the air duct processing sketch, and indicate the system air volume, wind pressure determination hole location.

2. Duct expansion. According to the air duct construction drawings (or release diagram) the surface shape of the duct according to the actual size of the sheet; unfolding method there are three kinds of that is, parallel line unfolding method, radial line unfolding method and triangular line unfolding method.

3. The sheet must be checked before cutting, and then cut according to the scribed shape after checking.

4. After the sheet is discharged in the press before the mouth, must use the chamfering machine or scissors for chamfering.

5. Splicing of plates. And round ducts of the closed bite can be used single bite; rectangular ducts or fittings of the four corners of the combination can be used corner bite, joint corner bite, snap bite; round bends can be used in the combination of vertical bite, bite width and stay according to the thickness of the plate, the bite to stay in the size of the bite, the width of the bite and the number of overlapping layers with the use of machinery.

6. Draw a good folding line, in the folding machine on the folding square. When making round ducts, the ends of the nibbles will be patted into arc shape and put on the rounding machine to roll round.

7. Fold the square or roll the round steel plate with a sewing machine or manual sewing. When operating, the force is even and should not be too heavy. The combination of nibble seam should be tight, and there should be no swelling and half nibble phenomenon.

8. Reinforcement of air ducts: air ducts can generally be reinforced with fluting, standing bars, angles, flat steel, reinforcing bars and pipe supports.


Second, what equipment is needed for air duct processing

Processing air ducts need to use a lot of equipment, generally the following:

1. nibbling machine: presses the metal plate into a special shape so that the parts can be locked together to form a strong component that will not be easily separated.

2. bending machine: used to bend metal plates into a desired shape.

3. Hydraulic Shears: Used to cut sheet metal using a hydraulic press.

4. Hydraulic Shelf: Used to store and transport sheet metal or coils.

5. Hydraulic Rivet Pliers: Used to remove damaged rivet protrusions.

6. Offset Tri-Star Roller Coiler: Can be used to transport pipes, metal bars, metal sheets, etc. and continuously bend them at a specific angle.

7. Duct Seaming Machine: Simply put the completed duct into the vertical seaming machine to complete the final step of duct seaming.

8. Round elbow nibbling machine: for round pipe nibbling and closing to make elbows, the same machine can be both nibbling and closing.

9. CNC plasma cutting machine: used to cut out specific shapes from metal plates.

10. spiral duct machine: used to make metal bars into a spiral pipe, replace different sizes of mold molding different sizes of round pipe, so that the duct size is more accurate and uniform, stable pipe size, sealing performance and molding effect, molding process is more stable and fast.


Third, the air duct production line should have what function

Duct production line is an assembly line for producing ducts, the whole process of duct forming is completed independently by the assembly line, a complete duct production line should realize the following functions:

1. Coil material selection, discharging function; you can choose 2-6 kinds of different thickness or material of the coil material.

2. Pressing and flattening function: this function is the adjustment process before processing the coil material to prevent the production of waste material.

3. Punching, chamfering and grooving function: this function can complete the production of air duct installation holes, avoiding the inconvenience caused by later punching.

4. Cutting function: this function will detach the sheet from the coil for the next processing.

5. Transfer function: It is convenient for the coil material to be processed automatically in the next process.

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