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Precautions for laser cutting metal processing

by:VENTECH     2022-03-18

This year, laser cutting technology has been widely used in the processing of metal and non-metal materials, greatly reducing processing time, reducing processing costs, and improving the quality of workpieces. 'The machine is strictly grounded. It is strictly forbidden to turn on during lightning weather. It is strictly forbidden to block the cooling water pipe. It is strictly forbidden to run the laser at full power for a long time. What should be paid attention to when laser cutting metal processing? Below, our Hongte Laser will introduce you:

1. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the machine without grounding, and all parts of the machine are completely grounded to prevent static electricity from hurting people. 2. After each startup, check whether the submersible pump is out of water. If there is no water, it is strictly prohibited to start work.


3. Ensure that the circulating water has a moderate temperature, dry water quality and no debris (purified water is recommended). Regularly replace the circulating water (7 days). 4. Use special camera lens paper or medical cotton swabs to soak alcohol Wipe the reflector and focusing lens with the mixture of ether and ether. (The mixing ratio of ether and alcohol is 1:1)

5. The fan must be turned on when engraving to avoid polluting the lens and focusing lens. 6. Near the laser machine equipment It is strictly forbidden to place flammable and explosive materials. When the machine is working, cover the top cover of the machine to prevent laser deviation from causing fire or injury. 7. During the working process of the machine, the operator is forbidden to leave without authorization to avoid unnecessary Loss. 8. Non-professionals are strictly forbidden to disassemble the machine without authorization to avoid accidents. 9. It is strictly forbidden to place any irrelevant reflective objects in the equipment to prevent the laser from being directly reflected on the human body or flammable objects, which may cause danger. 10. It is forbidden to Turn on the machine when the voltage is unstable, otherwise use the voltage stabilizer. 11. Untrained personnel are prohibited from using the laser engraving machine. 12. During the working process of the machine, the operator should observe the working condition of the machine at any time (such as: whether the paper laid on the edge of the hook is pumped by the air pump). Blowing high to block the laser, abnormal sound of the machine, water temperature of circulating water, etc.). 13. The environment where the machine is located is free from interference and influences such as strong electricity and strong magnetism. 14. The working time of the machine should not exceed 5 hours (it needs to be halfway) Rest for more than half an hour). 15. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the ammeter at a large value to avoid breakdown of the laser power supply. 16. Basic restrictions on the use of laser power (that is, the current meter cannot exceed 20 mA) 17. If the machine fails or a fire occurs, please cut off the power immediately .

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