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Pre insulated duct production process

Pre insulated duct production process


According to incomplete statistics, the current annual demand for ventilation duct panels in my country is more than 50 million square meters, but the current market share of composite ducts is less than 5%. Therefore, composite ducts have excellent application prospects and will gradually Occupy the leading position in the application of central air-conditioning system ducts.


 2. Construction technology

  The main process: pipe segment division, cutting, bonding, reinforcement, mounting flange, and air pipe connection. The main production process is divided into 1. Slotting: cut into a "V" mouth with a cutter and the aluminum foil at the bottom is not cut; in actual construction. The ducts on the design drawings must be reasonably segmented first. When unloading, there is one side of the bonding area to keep 20mm aluminum foil for edge protection; 2. Gluing: After cutting the "V" mouth, apply glue; 3. Closing: a few minutes after the glue is dry, it can be assembled and built into a duct 4. Sealing: Paste aluminum foil tape on the joints of the outer wall of the duct, and use a plastic scraper to evenly flatten it. The auxiliary materials used for the installation of the phenolic duct are also lighter. Use special sealant for sealing material. The connecting flange can be made of PVC or aluminum; 5. Assemble, and the air pipe is installed and formed.

  2.1 Marking, stakeout and blanking

Decompose the air duct construction drawings, determine the installation positions of air-conditioning equipment and air duct components, disassemble the air duct system into straight ducts, elbows, variable diameters, tees, crosses, etc.; determine all straight ducts and special shapes Reasonable length and number of pipes; determine the connection mode of the air pipe with the air-conditioning equipment and various parts of the air pipe and the corresponding connection accessories; determine the reinforcement type of the air pipe.

   2.1.1 Divide the pipe section and calculate the amount of the plate: calculate the amount of various auxiliary materials according to the splitting of the air pipe and combined with the main and auxiliary material ratio table. As the size of phenolic foam board is 4000×1200mm and 2000×1200 (length×width), and the specifications and sizes of the designed air ducts are various, it should be accurately calculated and reasonably scribed and cut during the scribing process. Blanking is the key to reducing material loss.

   2.1.2 Stakeout and blanking should be carried out on a flat and clean workbench. Before cutting the material, the blade spacing and angle should be adjusted accurately, and the leftover material should be used for trial cutting, and the material can be formally cut after meeting the requirements. When cutting, the direction and depth of the tool should be accurately grasped, and it is strictly forbidden to cut and scratch the outer protective layer of the non-operating surface.

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