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PI film laser cutting machine, polyimide film products cutting equipment

by:VENTECH     2022-02-20

PI film is also known as polyimide film. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the world’s best-performing film-type insulating material. It is widely used in space technology, electrical insulation, and FPC (flexible printed circuit board). ), PTC electric heating film, TAB (pressure-sensitive tape substrate), aerospace, aviation, computer, magnet wire, transformer, audio, mobile phone, computer, smelting, mining electronic components industry, automobile, transportation, atomic energy industry and other electronic appliances The industry, especially in recent years, the process reform of the mobile phone industry, the use of flexible OLED screens to replace traditional mobile phone screens, has triggered a great increase in the demand for flexible OLED screens, and PI film as the most suitable flexible display material, the market demand is rising. Soaring.

PI membrane, as a polymer material, has high technological barriers and difficult processing. It faces more and more refined scene applications. Traditional PI film cutting methods can no longer meet people's needs. In order to balance the contradiction between the increase in demand and the difficulty of cutting, many manufacturers have introduced laser technology and used high-precision PI film laser cutting machines for polyimide. Film cutting.

PI film laser cutting machine, also known as picosecond laser cutting machine, is equipped with ultraviolet picosecond laser, with delicate light source and small heat-affected area. Mainly include polyimide and other polymer materials, ceramics, quartz and other non-metallic materials, as well as tungsten copper and other metal and alloy materials, which have outstanding performance in processing. It can also be used for processing and applications such as cutting and opening of FPC/PCB plates. And it is widely used in camera modules, fingerprint recognition and other fields.

Recommended model: picosecond laser cutting equipment

Model configuration:

1. The processing format is available in 650*550mm/500*350mm and other sizes.

2. Fine control of laser energy, extremely small heat-affected area, and processing accuracy Up to 20 microns, especially suitable for high-precision cutting of thin-film materials

3. It can be equipped with an automation system to improve efficiency and save labor costs

4. Equipped with a marble platform and camera positioning function , Greatly improve the accuracy of cutting and reduce errors

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