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On the special effect of air pressure on laser cutting machine equipment

by:VENTECH     2022-02-24

The popularity of laser cutting machines nowadays must have made inventors dumbfounded. With the rapid development in recent years, the industry continues to update and upgrade, product processing requirements have been improved, and the operation requirements in the cutting process have become higher and higher. meticulous. A good cutting effect is also inseparable from the assistance of various gases. In addition to the purity requirements of the auxiliary gas, the requirements for the air pressure in the cutting process are very high.

During laser cutting, the pressure of the auxiliary gas has a great influence on the cutting result. The auxiliary gas must have sufficient pressure to completely remove the waste generated by cutting. Generally, when cutting thick workpieces, the air pressure will be slightly reduced, and the residues sticking to the workpiece will damage the cutting edge.

Increasing the gas pressure can increase the cutting speed, but after reaching the maximum value, continuing to increase the gas pressure will cause the cutting speed to decrease. Under high auxiliary air pressure, the reason for the decrease in cutting speed can be attributed to the high air velocity and the enhancement of the cooling effect of the suspension area, or the interference of the intermittent shock wave. Cooling of the airflow to the laser area. The uneven pressure and temperature in the airflow will cause the density of the airflow field to change. This density gradient causes a change in the refractive index in the field, thereby focusing the focus of the beam energy, causing refocusing or beam divergence. This interference will affect the melting efficiency, and sometimes the mode structure can be changed. If the beam diverges too much, the cutting quality will decrease, and it may even lead to the serious consequences of not being able to cut effectively.

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