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Nanjing laser cutting machine (laser marking machine)

by:VENTECH     2022-01-20

Nanjing, as a provincial capital city, has a leading For the further development of the city, Nanjing will build new energy vehicles, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, software and information services, new medicine and life and health as key industries. As an enterprise that has been deeply involved in the laser industry for more than ten years, Zhite Laser caters to the development of the times. In order to better serve Nanjing and surrounding customers, it will invest in the construction of a factory in Nanjing in 2020 to promote the further development of laser technology in Nanjing.

(Zhite (Nanjing) Laser Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.)

Zhite Laser Nanjing Branch is mainly engaged in various Laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine and high-end non-standard customized models. The products are mainly used for cutting and marking various metals (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, etc.) and non-metallic materials (plastics, fabrics, acrylic, rubber, etc.), and are widely used in new energy vehicles, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, Software and information services, medicine and other industries have contributed to the development of Nanjing's industrialization.

(Nanjing laser cutting machine Nanjing laser marking machine)

The address of Zhite Laser Nanjing Branch is: Nanjing No. 8, Dongxu Road, Gaochun District, Shanghai, welcome to visit the factory if you are interested in Nanjing laser cutting machine, Nanjing laser marking machine! ! !

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