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miller 185 mig welder specs | ehow

by:VENTECH     2020-02-29
Miller Electric produces a variety of arc welding machines for industrial, commercial and hobby purposes.
Millermatic 185 is a self-made
Inert gas containing metal (MIG)
A welding machine that uses a consumable line as an electrode to import electricity into the welding piece.
The arc melts the wire electrodes and the project metal and melts them into a joint.
Like all MIG welding machines, Millermatic185 uses inert gas to protect the welds from contaminants in the air that may weaken the joints.
The manufacturer\'s user manual, under the setting of 23 v dc, rated the welding output level of Millermatic 185 to a maximum of 150 amps (DC).
Since the speed at which the MiG line melts is related to the amp setting, Miller says that setting the Miller Marty 185 to 150 amps will allow linear welding of 650 inch per minute.
The minimum output rated current of Millermatic185 is 30 amps.
There is no MiG line or inert gas tank installed on the machine, and the millimatchi weighs 185 and 165 pounds.
It can also measure 37 inch long, 27 inch high and 18 inch wide.
Millermatic 185 can be welded with steel, stainless steel and aluminum MIG wire with a maximum welding capacity of 0.
035 inch and as small as 0.
023 inch in diameter.
The machine is also able to weld the fusion core MIG wire with the largest diameter possible. 045 inches.
The working cycle of MIG welding machine is 10-
6 minutes of continuous welding and 4 minutes of the minute cycle to rest the machine.
This cycle can prevent the machine from overheating.
The duty cycle of the welder is described as the percentage of the welder that can meet these six to four ratios at different amps settings.
Miller rated Miller\'s 100% duty cycle at 115 amps;
80% duty cycle at 130 amp;
60% duty cycle at 150 amp;
And 35% duty cycle of 200 amps.
Therefore, the higher the current setting, the higher the frequency at which the machine must rest in order to avoid overheating.
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