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Metal laser cutting machine to create more exquisite metal lighting

by:VENTECH     2021-12-26

Lighting is an important part of interior decoration, as people increasingly high requirements for home appliances, metal lighting, do personalized engraving pattern, widely loved by the people. And now widely used metal laser cutting machine, it will undoubtedly become the ideal choice for processing metal lighting, its function can improve cutting efficiency, but also get to meet the opposite sex poles and other similar products demand.

laser cutting machine, is now mainstream metal working tools, laser cutting has become an important means of personalized lighting metal production.

laser cutting technology is a non-contact processing with the laser beam a high density to the surface of the workpiece, to achieve financial melt blown away by the high pressure gas to complete the cutting action of the slag, the process belongs NC, no modification without contact. Laser cutting machine completely unrestricted pattern complexity, processing speed is very fast, high precision, cutting the end face beautiful, can cool the original metal material is processed into artistic pattern, with the lighting effects, the metal pattern is more delicate, high-end.

In addition to lighting, a metal cutting laser can also be used with many metal products processing engraving, laser cutting a metal fine machining degree in practical use in recent years has also been well verified, metal laser cutting machine for us to create a more delicate metal lighting. Non-contact laser cutting machine, cutting any angle characteristics can do a lot of cutting machines do not complete the task, even in the same plane cutting, fiber laser cutting machine also demonstrated a unique advantage.

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