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Metal laser cutting machine market melee Why does Hongte Laser stand out?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-03

The application of laser cutting equipment has brought a technological revolution to the field of metal processing. The production efficiency of metal laser cutting machines is high, the cutting speed is very fast, and most importantly, the flexibility of metal laser cutting machines is high.

Compared with traditional metal processing methods, such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, punching, sawing, electrical processing, water cutting, etc., metal laser cutting machines have obvious advantages. It can be said that the laser cutting machine is currently the most flexible, fastest, most precise, and most complex metal processing equipment.

After more than 30 years of development, the development of the metal laser cutting machine industry has achieved a qualitative leap. With the continuous expansion of market demand, the metal laser cutting machine industry has ushered in development opportunities, but it is also facing greater Challenge.

Domestic and diplomatic difficulties, laser cutting machine manufacturers are difficult to break through

The 2018 Global and Chinese Market Laser Cutting Machine Deep Research Report shows that despite the rapid development of the laser industry, the high-end laser product field is still occupied by multinational companies in the United States, Japan, Germany and other regions. Domestic companies use low-end products. Market-oriented.

Some well-known foreign cutting machine tool manufacturers, such as German ESAB, Messer, American Jie Rui, Japanese Tanaka and Koike Acids, have also come to China to invest and build factories.

At the same time, the huge market potential of the metal laser cutting machine industry has attracted more and more manufacturers who want to share a piece of the pie. Low-quality and low-cost laser cutting equipment continues to flood the market, disrupting the original competition. pattern.

This also means that domestic metal laser cutting machine manufacturers not only face the suppression of foreign competitors, but also need to deal with domestic competitors' catching up. How to stand out from the crowd and become every metal laser cutting machine manufacturer Common problems faced.

A mixture of fish and dragons, laser cutting machine buyers are picky

In the current Chinese laser cutting machine market, there are abundant brands, developed networks, and rapid information dissemination. Whoever is active is more likely to attract users' attention.

Therefore, for the benefit of their own enterprises, some laser equipment companies do not hesitate to fight price wars to increase product sales, leading to market chaos. Vicious competition has not only caused the production of laser cutting machines to appear sluggish, and damaged the interests of many businesses, but also caused the development of their industry to be affected to a certain extent.

While customers enjoy the convenience of information, they are also troubled by the complexity of information. When anyone can advertise, how to choose a metal laser cutting machine manufacturer with guaranteed product quality and after-sales service? The doubts of buyers.

Driven by innovation, winning by quality is king

Amidst domestic and foreign difficulties, metal laser cutting machine manufacturers must master core technology to get rid of the restrictions on imported products, while strengthening quality control, improving their own strength, and providing the market with high-quality metal that meets the needs of the market. Laser cutting machine products.

Since its establishment in 1997, Hongte Laser has paid great attention to the technology and quality of laser cutting machines, and integrated multiple advantageous resources. Hongte Laser has contributed a variety of 'high efficiencyThe 'high-precision' fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in sheet metal processing, electrical equipment, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

In 2017, Hongte Laser cooperated with Wuhan to configure 'China Core' for fiber laser cutting machine, using the laser on MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine, breaking the history of pure assembly in the field of high-power laser cutting relying on imported technology . At the same time, the equipment purchase and maintenance costs are greatly reduced, and it is a typical representative of high cost performance in fiber laser cutting machines.

Inheriting Australian quality, Hongte Laser provides the most powerful guarantee for product quality with years of experience in laser cutting machine development and production. MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machines can cut continuously for 127 hours, with excellent cutting quality, continuous 140 It does not shut down every day, no trouble; 8000 perforations are perforated on a 20mm thick plate at high speed at one time, no blastholes......

Forty-seven years of research and development experience, 21 years of market operation, Hongte Laser knows the importance of innovation and quality. In today's increasingly fierce market competition, we will not forget our original intention and move forward.

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