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by:VENTECH     2022-03-12
This also promotes the research and development departments of various equipment suppliers to step up the research on the more accurate and highly intelligent CNC laser cutting machine. CNC laser cutting machine not only has fast cutting speed, but also has high accuracy. At the same time, its cutting quality is also very good, but these characteristics must be continuously expanded to meet market demand. The development of intelligent CNC cutting machines must be accustomed to the needs of modern machining industry development.

   Laser cutting timing causes the cut metal to be deformed, which is also one of the common problems of laser cutting and starting. Is the laser cutting and starting up? Is it right? Is the laser cutting and starting the operation incorrect? Maybe What are the other reasons? Why does the timing of laser cutting cause the cut metal to be deformed? Bystronic can combine years of cutting experience to make the following analysis:

   First, let's check if it is caused by the improper dimming of the machine. The second analyzes what raw materials are used for cutting. The reflective properties and metal characteristics of the raw materials may affect the cutting effect. If it is cutting a thin metal sheet, laser cutting is classified as eager cutting, and eager cutting will definitely be deformed.
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