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Metal laser cutting machine: Interpret the gorgeous hollow world!

by:VENTECH     2022-02-03

China's earliest metal crafts are copper crafts that appeared in the middle of the Neolithic Period. During the Warring States period, crafts made of metal and non-metallic materials combined with a variety of metal materials appeared. With the development of history and the progress of science and technology, China's metal crafts have gradually developed rapidly, and as a new processing tool-metal laser cutting machine has become a highlight.

Metal laser cutting machines are mostly equipped with fiber lasers. Because of their fast cutting speed, good cutting quality, high precision, simple operation, safety, and stable performance, they have extremely high adaptability and flexibility. They use a numerical control system. It can cut and depict complex patterns on metal plates, so it is widely used in metal cutting processing. Metal and high-tech, this combination of new and old also makes metal crafts glow like never before.

Laser cutting light box

The laser-cut metal moiré luminous light box is integrated, and the built-in LED lighting is used for lighting. The flower box is equipped with morning glory, maidenhair and potted rose, which can increase the beauty of the environment without affecting the driving safety of the driver , The perfect combination of functionality and decoration.

Laser cut metal screen

On the hill south of Florence, there is a house with flowing water, bamboo, and it looks very artistic, like a museum. The house is covered by a large stainless steel box. The surface is full of laser-cut hollow metal plates, also known as 'metal lace.'

Laser cut metal coffee table

The most common ones we use in the living room are glass, wood, and iron coffee tables. However, as people’s desire for individuality becomes stronger and stronger, these traditional materials seem to be difficult to satisfy everyone’s aesthetic pursuits. Metal The application of materials in the home is more extensive. Like this colorful coffee table, it is made of laser-cut carbon steel. The light hollow texture makes the living room beautiful.

The exquisite laser cutting technology allows the originally cold and hard metal to change through light and shadow, reflecting the feeling of fashion, exquisiteness, beauty and romance. The metal laser cutting machine interprets a splendid metal hollow world, and becomes the 'creator' of various literary, practical, aesthetic, or fashionable metal products in life.

In the field of sheet metal processing, Huagong laser technology has accumulated for many years, and it has contributed a variety of cost-effective metal laser cutting machines to the market. The new product MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine is the upgrade demand of Huagong Laser for laser cutting equipment in processing stations. Customers, launched high-performance laser cutting products. With super cost-effective, mastering of core light source technology, low maintenance cost, it can solve the problems of high investment income ratio and equipment maintenance cost for growing customers, and make metal products shine with new charm.

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