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Metal laser cutting machine helps elevator processing and manufacturing industry

by:VENTECH     2021-12-27

As my country's real estate industry continues to heat up, the elevator manufacturing industry is also developing rapidly. In the past, my country's elevator industry was dominated by steel plates, but now most of them are alloy metal materials; in the past, the elevator doors were made by traditional mechanical CNC cutting technology, and the processing procedures were complicated and the rate of defective products was high. With the advancement of science and technology, the application of metal laser cutting machine equipment in the elevator manufacturing industry has begun to become widespread.

Laser cutting machine technology has fast cutting speed and high efficiency in the cutting of elevator alloy sheets. The advantage of metal laser cutting machine in elevator manufacturing and processing industry is very obvious.

High cutting quality and good cutting effect

The elevator manufacturing industry has high requirements for the aesthetics of the products. The surface needs to be free of burrs and lines. Laser The cutting machine does not require manual intervention during processing, which is a non-contact processing, which avoids the deformation or uneven surface of the material during cutting. It not only improves the quality of the elevator, but also improves the overall grade;

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Flexible processing

Laser cutting machine equipment is a highly intelligent and highly automated equipment that can process a variety of different materials without distinction, even in the face of customer demand for patterns. Can also be satisfied one by one.

Greatly shorten the processing cycle

Laser cutting machine processing stainless steel plate and alloy plate materials , It adopts automatic processing method, does not need molds, and does not need to go through multiple processing procedures. The workpiece can be cut in a short time;

Multiple cutting styles


With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, the design of elevators has also increased, and the variety of product shapes has increased, and ordinary processing methods are difficult to achieve. The fiber laser cutting machine can easily achieve different styles of cutting.

The metal laser cutting machine is very suitable for use in the elevator manufacturing industry, which greatly improves the efficiency. Promote mass and customized production in the elevator manufacturing and processing industry. I believe that the metal laser cutting opportunity will be further applied to the elevator manufacturing and processing industry!

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