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Metal laser cutting machine can be so beautiful

by:VENTECH     2022-02-04

As an important tool in sheet metal processing, metal laser cutting machines have become standard equipment in major processing stations. With the expansion of the application range, metal laser cutting machines are also developing in the direction of higher power. In people's minds, the metal laser cutting machine represents the advanced processing technology, always exuding the cold and hard metal texture, but they don't know that the metal laser cutting machine can process metal sheets so beautiful.

The BLUFISH-APM restaurant in Beijing, with a clear white background and a metal mesh interwoven with blue powder and other colors, extends downward from the top ceiling, creating a dreamy underwater world.

In order to echo the theme of the restaurant and express the warm colors in the scene, the designer chose 6 kinds of hand-painted graphics with a sense of fairy tales to represent the corals, water plants and fish under the water, and used laser cutting metal Nets are used to make these patterns, and then they are superimposed and attached to the white curved surface to create the gorgeous, translucent, fuzzy, and unstable visual effects unique to this underwater image.

The famous 'Garland Light' Wednesday series lights use sophisticated laser cutting technology to instantly transform the originally cold and hard metal into lines full of vitality.

The product is made of metal hollow carved flowers, through the change of light and shadow, it shows the feeling of flowers and plants, tangled branches and vines, as if walking into the nature. The material of the steel sheet makes it highly plastic and not easy to deform; the soft-toned flowers and plants are represented by the hard steel sheet, which has a strong contrast. The shape and size of the lamp can be manipulated at will. The light passes through the steel sheet, and the shape of the flowers and plants are projected on the wall, which is like living at home all year round in spring.

Under the transformation of the metal laser cutting machine, the cold and hard metals have been transformed. Do they surprise you? Huagong laser metal laser cutting machine is precise, efficient and stable. Your creativity can also become a reality, stunning the world.

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