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Market application of 30kW ultra-high power laser cutting equipment

by:VENTECH     2022-01-29

Today's sheet metal welding process is roughly as follows: sheet metal blanking → sheet edge processing → assembly and welding → heat treatment → machining → completion. The cutting of sheet metal is the first step in the welding process. The current market The conventional plate cutting process can be roughly divided into: flame cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting.

Comparison of cutting methods for medium and heavy plates

The main method for cutting medium and thick plates was oxyacetylene flame cutting in the 1950s and 1960s; after the 1970s, in order to improve and improve the cutting quality of flame cutting, oxyethane precision was promoted Flame cutting and plasma cutting. Various cutting methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and have a certain scope of application in industrial production.

Flame cutting is a common method for rough machining of steel plates. The cost of cutting equipment is low, and it is the only economical and effective means to cut thick metal plates. However, compared with plasma, the heat affected zone of flame cutting is much larger, and the thermal deformation is also relatively large. It cannot be performed on non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum and stainless steel Cutting, and the environmental pollution is more serious.

Plasma cutting, wide cutting area, can cut all metal plates, fast cutting speed, high efficiency, and cutting accuracy higher than flame cutting. However, the cutting of thick plates has a large taper and a wide slit. In the case of batch processing, a large amount of material waste will be caused, and a lot of harmful gas and a large amount of smoke will be generated, which will cause pollution.

Compared with traditional oxyacetylene, plasma and other cutting processes, laser cutting speed is fast, the slit is narrow, the heat-affected zone is small, the edge of the slit is perpendicular, the cutting edge is smooth, and the types of materials that can be cut at the same time many. The emergence of laser cutting technology has opened up a new field of laser technology in industrial applications. The application market prospects in microelectronics, rail transit, molds, automobile manufacturing and other fields are broad. The development and application of laser cutting machines are undoubtedly important for modern industrial production. Major improvements and innovation breakthroughs.

High-power laser cutting technology

With the continuous development of today's heavy industry, laser cutting has gradually transitioned from the thin plate cutting industry to the thick plate cutting field, which means that laser cutting will enter the era of high power.

In response to the new requirements of metal cutting precision and thickness in the new era of industrial manufacturing, the achievable power of laser cutting machines is getting higher and higher. Nowadays, high-power laser cutting equipment has been widely used in the upstream of almost all sheet processing products, from space shuttles, ships, automobiles, to washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners, all of which are inseparable from high-power laser cutting machines. In addition to industrial manufacturing, high-power laser technology and equipment are also one of the commanding heights of national defense strategy and emerging industries, and they play a major supporting role in national security and national economic construction. From the perspective of industrial development, high power is an inevitable product of the laser cutting industry's development to a certain stage, and it is also the general trend of the industry.

In the sheet metal processing industry, laser cutting machines have established unique processing advantages, showing high efficiency, high quality, and high precision, and are gradually replacing traditional processing techniques. However, in the field of medium and heavy plate processing, laser cutting is facing some difficulties: thick plate cutting requires higher laser equipment power, which is technically difficult; high-power laser cutting high-end technology is monopolized by advanced foreign companies, and domestic technological development is subject to others; along with As the thickness of the plate increases, the cutting process becomes more difficult and requires a lot of experimentation and exploration to obtain stable cutting process parameters; the thicker the plate, the slower the cutting speed, and the user’s production efficiency will be severely restricted; with the power and As the plate thickness increases, the cutting machine's own bearing capacity, anti-scorch ability, and dust removal ability also need to be improved accordingly.

Ultra high power laser cutting machine

In view of these technical limitations, domestic laser equipment manufacturers have been actively seeking breakthroughs in the field of plate cutting. After continuous hard work and exploration, Hongte Laser has finally achieved a milestone technical result: the newly launched S series v2.0 version ultra-high power laser cutting machine (Figure 1), the power can reach up to 30kW, with ultra-high power The speed and acceleration are supplemented by intelligent configuration and functions such as automatic edge finding, automatic nozzle replacement, automatic focusing, and non-inductive perforation. The overall performance and technical indicators have reached the international leading level, and fully automatic, unattended production can be realized.

Main advantages

The equipment uses a pearlitic gray cast iron bed (Figure 2). Due to the presence of the pearlite matrix, the strength and hardness of the parts are increased by 20% compared with those of the ferrite matrix (Figure 3); and There are fine graphite flakes in the evenly distributed pearlite matrix. Compared with the welded bed and the ordinary cast iron bed, the equipment can obtain higher structural rigidity, and can play an excellent damping effect and creep resistance.

Based on the above, the overall mechanical structure of the equipment still maintains the characteristics of small deformation and low vibration under ultra-high speed and acceleration conditions, so as to obtain extremely high machine tool accuracy, extend the customer’s equipment iteration cycle, and reduce Customer's usage cost.

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