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making history with a state-of-the-art roll former machine

by:VENTECH     2020-03-07
Modern roll forming dates back to the era after World War II, introducing rotary encoders, pneumatic presses, pre-precision and in-
Wire welding, as well as technology that allows rolling forming of pre-processed metal.
In 1970s and 1980s, the stuffed punch made the preparation more complex, and reduced tool conversion downtime by using side-by-side rollers, shaft-type structures and other innovations.
In 1990s, a computer-aided roll front machine design system was introduced, and since then, many programmable controllers and computer systems have greatly improved efficiency and product quality.
An example is the double roller forming machine, which has a double roller forming machine upstream and a double roller forming machine downstream on the same base.
The upstream Mill controls the leg or flange height by sliding in and out, while the downstream mill controls the width of the web in the same way.
An example of this kind of roller front is Studmaker, which represents the latest technological innovation: in less than 20 minutes, the height of the flange or the width of the net can be changed.
It is possible to produce steel nails of English and Rice size without roller or cutting mold changes.
The Studmaker is
Cut off operation, no need to cut off the mold and diary pair.
The material size ranges from 12 to 20 specifications, and the bolt size ranges from 3-
5/8 to 14 inch, enabling manufacturers to produce steel structures, light drywall bolts and loads-
Bearing bolts, rails and heavy duty 12-
Instrument support beam, on the same machine, the conversion downtime is the smallest.
For relatively small orders, it is particularly cost-effective to minimize conversion downtime
Studmaker can be reworked in less than 20 minutes, in which case it takes up to 8 hours of installation time for the old roll front machine to make the same change.
The new roll bending technology allows similar products
Such as cee and zee profile-
Produced on the same set of rollers.
This is done by separating the mill along its center and using the control panel to set the flange, network and ear dimensions, the control panel can move the mill raft to change the size.
You can even change the profile when you touch the button.
For example, Purlinmaster can roll to form a cee profile pur strip, which can be reworked into a zee profile pur strip in just 7 seconds.
In addition to cee and zee profile purpur, this front roll product can also produce lip and u-Channel profiles.
The Web width and flange height can be changed in a matter of minutes, not the time required for the traditional roller molding.
Purlinmaster also has an automatic
Measurement function that allows the operator to change from one coil thickness to another without re-machining --
New meters can be selected immediately from the operator console.
Purlinmaster can produce prefabricated pur bars as well as galvanized and hot rolled black steel with speeds of up to 180 fpm and offers a wide range of hole stamping options for the highest accuracy on-line flange and web hole stamping.
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