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Main construction measures and precautions for clean air conditioning and ventilation system

Main construction measures and precautions for clean air conditioning and ventilation system


Third, the precautions to be taken in the construction

1, prefabrication should pay attention to several issues

(1) clean system of thin steel plate duct bite form, it is appropriate to use the bite of the smaller single bite, corner bite and joint corner bite.

(2) plate and other more economical decontamination methods can be used detergent and water scrubbing, scrubbing must be dried immediately after scrubbing.

(3) In the process of air ducts and fittings production, must be carefully operated, so that the nibble seam to achieve continuous, tight, uniform width, no holes and dark crack phenomenon. Duct nibble seam, rivet seam, flap corners, etc. should be coated with sealant or take other sealing measures.

(4) Duct production should minimize splicing, clean duct shall not have horizontal splicing.

(5) The reinforcing frame or reinforcing bars of the air duct shall not be reinforced by convex rib method.

(6) Duct or components produced, should be closed at both ends and all openings with plastic film wrapped mouth to ensure that the transportation and installation process does not contaminate the inner wall.

2, the installation should pay attention to several issues

(1) before the installation of the duct, the duct at the construction site will be closed at both ends of the film open, and once again will be in the duct and not cleaned up the dust wipe clean.

(2) system installation is completed or suspended installation, must be closed at any time the opening of the air duct to prevent dust re-entry.

(3) clean system installation quality is good or bad with the environmental cleanliness of the construction site has a direct relationship. Especially in the cross operation with various types of work, more attention should be paid to maintain the cleanliness of the work site.

(4) flange gasket and cleaning mouth, inspection door sealing gasket material should be selected without air leakage, no ash production, good elasticity and have a certain strength of the material, the gasket should reduce the joints, the joints must be used trapezoidal or mortise and tenon joints, and coated with adhesive bonding.

(5) The flexible short pipe in the system should be made of smooth surface, non-dust-producing and airtight materials, such as rubber sheet and artificial leather.

3, duct corrosion, heat preservation should pay attention to the problem

System after the leakage of light or air leakage test for insulation, generally should be used after anti-corrosion treatment of wood, in order to ensure that the air ducts and support hangers are not in direct contact. The thickness of the wooden strip is equal to the thickness of the insulation material, so as to ensure that the bracket does not produce cold bridge. Otherwise, condensation will be formed so as to corrode the bracket.

4, the air duct through the building settlement joints should pay attention to the problem

Ducts in the building through the settlement joints should be added soft connection, generally using artificial leather or rubber sheet. Duct support, hanger is generally fixed in the building columns, beams or plates, building settlement, the bracket will be settled. The support, hanger can not be adjusted at any time, which makes the duct local torsion or shear stress, long time uneven settlement will cause damage to the duct, affecting the use of the system.

5、High-efficiency filter installation should pay attention to the problem

High-efficiency filter is the key equipment to ensure the cleanliness of the air, but also the last gate of the clean system, in the transportation and installation of various aspects should be specially protected.

(1) The high-efficiency filter requires its own good intrinsic quality, such as the metal frame filter that does not grow mold, and its finished product must be free of irritating smell.

(2) During transportation and handling, the high-efficiency filter should prevent the folded filter paper from sagging under force, and should be handled and stored in the direction of the factory mark.

(3) The inner surface of the static pressure box of the filter must be wiped clean when it is installed. In order to prevent the dust particles in the system from blowing out and then being sucked back into the system by the return air, the clean room should be repeatedly cleaned and the equipment layer should be fully cleaned.

(4) The high-efficiency filter should be inspected in appearance when it is installed and opened, and if it is not damaged, it should be installed immediately. The installation direction should be correct, and the arrow mark on its border must be consistent with the direction of airflow.

(5) The selection of the location of the new air outlet should be chosen in a clean area with less outdoor dust content, because it directly affects the size of the dust content of the system.

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