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Laser technology creates a better life for you

by:VENTECH     2022-02-08

I finally bought a house and settled down. I have to worry about decoration. I want to create a warm and unique home. Let laser cutting technology help you.

1. Lamps and lanterns

This lamp is a Skeleton retro lighting series designed by Itai Bar-on. It is a three-dimensional chandelier made up of wooden materials and a metal plate of about 2mm, using a laser-cut skeleton. Without losing the texture.

This lighting called Norwegian Forest is designed by a Norwegian designer. The pine forest and animals are carved with laser on the birch wood surface. Under the light, the Nordic style is like alive, shining in front of you Brilliance.

2. Tables and chairs

mario alessiani design studio uses industrial technology to design a series of cafe-style tables and chairs 'spidy'. The steel pipe used is cut by 3D laser technology, and the chairs with multiple cross-sections have cracks and are connected by welding. The set of tables and chairs are in black color, and the matching wooden seats are also black.

If the previous table and chair is too deep, will this simple round table capture your heart? The table legs are composed of balsa wood and laser-cut curved steel plates and are connected to the table top. The laser-cut steel plate firmly supports the table, and the unique design is different from the traditional wooden table.

3. Bookshelf

This metal bookshelf is created by a Ukrainian designer, named 'SunshineAs if stepping into the world of the second dimension. Regardless of whether there is a brilliant sun outside the window, there is always a footprint of sunlight in the home.

4. Hanger This is called 'skeleton hanger' created by a designer on Halloween. It is made of white plexiglass and is very durable. First use a laser cutting machine to cut out a 43cm×43cm small unit panel, and then make the finished product. The shoulder part is used to hang shirts, and the ribs can be used to hang belts and other accessories. The shape is unique and practical.

5. Decorations London illustrator Martin Tomsky used a laser to cut plywood, then stacked and glued together to create these amazing 'wood relief' works. Put it at home as an ornament, which is unique to show your taste.

The role of laser cutting in life can be seen through the above works. As a representative of high-tech, how many surprises laser technology can bring to our lives in the future is worth looking forward to!

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