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Laser cutting to create a better life

by:VENTECH     2022-02-13

Laser cutting technology sounds so special. Most people don't really understand what it means. They only know that it can be cut, but they don't know what items can be cut or how to cut it. In fact, laser cutting technology has long been integrated into our lives. As long as you carefully observe, you will find that laser cutting products are everywhere, and you can feel the changes it brings to our lives at any time.

Laser cut lampshade

The table lamp at home, the chandeliers in the living room, the mini lamps on the dining table, etc. are a series of various lampshades, some are hollow, some are shell-shaped, or they are flowers...

Actually, these lampshades are not artificially engraved, nor are they engraved by traditional engraving techniques. They are basically cut out with a laser cutting machine. The laser cutting machine can determine which parts are hollowed out according to the shape of the design drawing, which parts have patterns, and which parts remain the same, so as to process different shapes of lampshades.

Laser cutting furniture

Our lives have gradually become richer. When we are satisfied with food and clothing, people have begun to pursue a fashionable and individual life. There are more and more styles of furniture, more and more special.

Like this blush chair designed by Danish designer SOFIE Brenner. The surface of the chair is made of hard aluminum shell, and the perforation of the surface of the seat is processed by laser cutting technology, and then it is equipped with a soft cushion. The whole design integrates tactile, sensory and visual artistic effects. The chairs that I usually sit in outdoor cafes often use laser cutting technology to create novel patterns and hollow effects in pursuit of individuality.

Laser cutting appliances

We are exposed to TVs, refrigerators and other home appliances every day. Many of these shells and screens of different shapes and materials are processed by laser cutting equipment. Under the control of a computer, the laser cutting machine focuses a high-energy laser beam on a complete steel plate and LCD screen, and cuts precisely according to the design drawing. The characteristics of laser cutting are: fast cutting speed, high precision, and high yield, which are difficult to match with traditional cutting methods.

The scientific and technological achievements brought by laser cutting technology have spread to thousands of households, and its application range is wide, including common metal materials such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum veneer and copper, which can be processed by laser cutting In addition, laser cutting has excellent processing technology, high accuracy and fast speed, and it has become the common choice of more and more manufacturers. This is also the reason why laser cutting products are becoming more and more common in life.

For many years, HG Laser has devoted itself to research and has a wealth of technical precipitation and successful experience in laser cutting. The company has launched a series of high-precision laser cutting machines for metal processing, which have been successfully applied to the market and brought customers Generous benefits.

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